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Photo:Maurice Smith third from left, back row

Maurice Smith third from left, back row

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My dad is in the back row second from the left.
William (Bill) Terrill.

By Celia Malfroot Nee Terrill
On 24/12/2008

My Grandfather James Browning is in the 3rd row 3rd from the right.

By Kathleen Goff(Ingram)
On 01/03/2010

Pretty sure 1st right back row was my dad Walter (Wally) Ware.

By Leonie Maspero (Ware)
On 29/06/2010

Second from the left in the front row is Jack Simmons, later to drive the London to Paris Boat train

By Peter Simmons
On 07/09/2010

I started at Newhaven Loco on leaving school in 1949 as a cleaner, my first days work was to clean the boiler of a Brighton Alantic. I then worked on the foot plate as a fireman and worked with many of those in the photo. The person in the second row, 4th along from left is Jack Hillman who was my guardian from 1939 and together with my sister lived with until 1956. His brother Ted Hillman was also a driver. At the time the photo was taken they would be fireman or passed fireman. The best turn was with "Bogy" Simmons on the terriers when we would have booked on at 6. 45 am, We then pick up a few wagons from the north quay and travel over the Swing bridge & down the breakwater, in all weathers! and return back to the loco shed at about 12. 30pm, put the engine to bed & be home indoors by 1. 30. "Bogy" did have a shaky hand which was quite funny when he was opening and shutting the steam regulator, but he was a nice gentleman.

By Dave Brady
On 13/04/2012

Around this time, Newhaven had about 17 engines based at the shed, which consisted of various classes of locomotives, and therefore this photo features the Loco men of Newhaven Loco Dept. Managers, Foremen, Drivers and Firemen. Only two loco-men are seen to be dressed in their uniform, whilst the others are in their 'Sunday's Best'. You will also notice the letters of the L.B.S.C.R in the background (the LBSCR had ceased at the time of this photo was taken). John Pelham-Maitland was the Running Foreman (Shed Master) in charge at the Newhaven Shed between 1924-1929 and is thought to be featured in this photo (at a guess, he is sitting with his hat on his knee and walking cane). I have compile a small list of Newhaven Loco men (from the Newhaven ASLEF Branch records) that worked at Newhaven Loco around this period of time and may be featured in this photo. Ernie King, A.H. Pearce, D.Boyle, L. Lower, Sam Lower, Ernie Collington, Earn Eacott, W. Brown, A. Leonard, C. Barrow, F. Sherwin, Fred Wilmshurst, E.P. Ettridge, H.G. Bowden, F. Smith, A.G. Wise, Ben Piddlesden. Hopefully somebody may be able to add these names to the faces on this great photo.

By Paul Edwards
On 08/02/2013

I think that my great grandfather Percy Lower is in the 3rd row, at the far right. He would have been 49 in 1924. My grandfather Charles Wilson was a cleaner at the Loco Depot, in 1924, not senior enough to make the photo! He went on to drive both steam and electric trains.

By Brian Wilson
On 20/02/2015

Are some of these gentlemen wearing the Sussex flat cap. I read an article on Facebook about the cap and wondered if anybody on here knew anything more about it. In fact I want one!!!!

By Terry Howard
On 14/03/2020

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