Photo:Wall constructed and chalk back-fill being placed

Wall constructed and chalk back-fill being placed

Newhaven Maritime Museum

Photo:Promenade & Bandstand

Promenade & Bandstand

Old Postcard

Under construction & in use

Richard Beckett

Photo 1 show the promenade under construction. This photo was taken in November 1882 and shows how the promenade wall was constructed of mass concrete, then backfilled behind with chalk dug out by hand and pulled down from the cliff face behind, after which a mass concrete top was put over the chalk.

Photo 2 shows how in the 1920's and 30's, many holiday huts had found their way onto the promenade. One of these was owned by a well known sculptor and one of his creations, an angel with outspread wings, stands at the entrance to the Lewes Road cemetery.

The raised circular area at the right of the photo was known as "The Bandstand" due to its shape, however whether a band ever played on it is not recorded. It actually carried a tall signal post for giving flag-signals to incoming vessels

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