July 1911

By Dave and Lin Preece

Does anyone know the story behind this?

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'DISABLED AEROPLANE AT NEWHAVEN' page


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I believe that the plane actually came down at South Heighton when the pilot, a Monsieur TRAIN got lost during an air race. While landing to ascertain his position he hit a fence and damaged the plane with the result he was unable to continue his journey.

There are other photos in the Newhaven Museum of the incident.

By Richard
On 12/03/2009

Hi Dave & Lin Preece. Since it seems your request for information has not drawn much response in three years, I took it upon myself to investigate further into this incident (something I had proposed to do anyway 'when I had goy time). I discovered a lot of surprising facts - too much detail to fit in here, so I created another 'page'. See 'AIR ACCIDENT; SOUTH HEIGHTON; MONDAY 3rd JULY 1911.' I'm not entirely satisfied that I've got all the facts yet, so keep your eyes peeled for possible future updates!

By Geoffrey Ellis
On 26/02/2012

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