By David Smyth

This photograph was taken at HMS Excellent in Portsmouth .

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'SEA CADETS' page
Photo:Drill Hall RNVR Bridge Street 1974-75

Drill Hall RNVR Bridge Street 1974-75

Ken Attrell EBA studios

Photo:Presented with new drum kit 1975

Presented with new drum kit 1975

Ken Attrell EBA Studios

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Second left on front row is a very dapper Len Patten.

By Jonathan Holden
On 04/04/2009

First on the left is John Watson, then Len Patten, Fourth from left is John Owen (Parker Pen), then Bob Fuller (Jean Cantells Husband and Dance Partner) and second from Right is Andy Hiscock. One important character missing from this photograph would be the Chief, George Turnbull, he was probably back in Newhaven keeping an eye on things. I grew up within the organisation that was TS Defiance, with my father involved with the cadets and my mum (Fran) running the tuck shop. Until I was old enough (12) to be an actual cadet I was George Turnbulls 'Bosun', at the old RNVR drill hall on Bridge Street, and the chapel on Chapel Street. I would get involved in the boating activities, the weekly camps at Ravens Ait on the Thames at Kingston, and John Watsons winter canoeing expeditions at Cuckmere with the Fludes Van. I would suggest that pretty much every 'Newhaven' family is represented with the cadets in the photograph, Eagers, Winters, Phipps, Matthews, Davies (X3), Willis, Watson, Macqueen, Dann, the list goes on and on...

By Rob Patten
On 07/04/2009

In the second photo, the officer in the centre between John Owen and Len Patten is Bill Kempson, I think. He was 1st Lieutenant under Lt Nicholson when I was there, but it looks like he's been promoted to Lt Commander here.

By Andy Gilbert
On 08/05/2009

Seeing these pictures reminds me when I was in this unit at the old Bridge Street RNR/ RNVR, hall as a Sea Cadet in the mid 1960's. I wondered, on looking at this picture where the 4" Twin gun turret/bofors gun, and orlekion gun (hope thats spelt right!) have gone as they used to give a great 'feel' to this old drill hall. It used to be run on the basis of a ship's company with watches operating during time attending (on board!) - all good stuff for youngsters. During the mid 1960's this unit excelled at many boat handling activities both at Raven Ait, and Portsmouth etc . Anyone out there with more Sea Cadet Corp, pictures from this era please let us know.

By Chris Young
On 08/05/2009

Because my father was involved in the running of the Sea Cadets at the old RNVR Battery - and later at the old Chapel - I used to be able to 'play' on and around the twin 4" guns, bofors and oerliken mounts whilst he was doing maintenance at the facility. Can you imagine what that was like for a young boy. Later when serving in the Royal Navy I was on an assault landing ship - HMS Intrepid - which had two identical bofors guns to the one in the old battery, both dated 1943....and this was in the 80's.

By robpatten
On 30/05/2009

I'm loving seeing photo's and comments about Newhaven and Seaford Sea Cadet Corps in the early 60's. I have spotted myself in several photo's and will be adding some photo's myself when I can find them. Has anyone else got some pic's?

By Don Smith, Sea Cadet 1967 - 1971
On 14/02/2011

I remember the Old Drill Hall in Bridge Street. I was on the crew when we won the National Boat Handling Champonships in either 1969 or 1970. Cadet P.O. Townsend was coxswain then. Other crew was David Cameron. I think Marcus Stroud also featured.

By Mark Osborn
On 26/05/2011

Show's my age, John Owen was a Sub LT, Len & George Patten were CPO's, George Turnbull and John Watson were Civi instructors and the CO was Mike Nicholson Second in command was Bill Kempson. The pulling team of that time was Robbin Scott (cox) Tim Bolton, Myself (Don Waller) Dave Stevens, Andy Poulter.

By Don Waller
On 10/06/2011

Brings back the memories, back in the cadets as adult instructor, after 24 years in the Royal Navy.

By Eon Matthews
On 20/02/2012

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