Photos early 1950's

By Terry Chinchen

Photo:Class photo early 1950's

Class photo early 1950's

Terry Chinchen

Photo:Football team 1955

Football team 1955

Terry Chinchen

These photos were taken at Southdown School, when it was situated in Southdown Road. Do you recognise anyone in the photos?

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Thanks for posting this! 2nd from left, as you look at the class photo, I believe is my late brother Rod Vinall. I think that's him to the left of the football team as well.

By Val Lidster
On 12/05/2009

Thanks Terry that all brings back old memorys. Back row 2nd front left Terry Turnball he drowned in the mud hole, next Gavin Groves then me Malcolm Black. Then I think that was Avnall? then Allan Mclauchlan and Rod Vinall. Front row, holding the ball Michael Wallace, to his left David Bains, and Terry Chinchen. On Mikes right Ted Row.

Front row on the outer left as you look at photo is Trevor Lawrance.
Mr Richards was our coach if I remember
Thats the best I can do. I live in NZ but will be in Seaford on holiday from the 3/8/2009 till 17/8/2009

By Malc LeCheminant (aka Black )
On 28/07/2009

Re the class photo: I recognise some faces but am unable to put names to, but these are some I can.
Front row end left my brother Robert Sexton
Front row end right my brother Maurice Sexton
Centre row 2nd left my cousin Frank Sexton
Centre row 2nd right I think is Robert (Bob) Delacourt

By ray sexton
On 05/09/2009

Class photo - centre row 4th from the right is Pauline Doyle, front row 4th from the right is the late Angela Groves and on her left 3rd from the right is Margaret Willey. Back row third from left Gillian Player.

By Carol Walton
On 12/02/2010

Class Photo. Although I didn't attend this school there are some very familiar faces that I am able to put names to.

Back row from the left as follows; 3rd Gillian Player, 4th Mike Groves, 5th Terry Chinchen, Rod? Avenall. Middle row from the left; 2nd Frank Sexton, 5th Pam Crick ? 6th Pauline Doyle, 7th Ann Mitchell, 8th Bob Delacourt. Front row from the left; 2nd Rod Vinall, 3rd Dave Bains, 6th Angela Groves, 7th Margaret Willey, 8th June Vanderhoven ?

By John Hayward
On 06/04/2013

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