Can you tell us what the occasion was?

By Pete Mason

The following photos were found in an envelope in the Museum. Can anyone add names, dates and the events? Thanks, Pete.

Photo:Fire 1

Fire 1

Photo:Fire 2

Fire 2

Photo:Fire 3

Fire 3

Photo:Fire 4

Fire 4

This page was added by Pete Mason on 12/08/2009.
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The occasion obviously took place at the new Fire Station in Fort Road. Was it at the opening ceremony? You could ask the member of the Newhaven Museum committee who served as a fireman at the Station, he might know.

From the Editors

If and when you do find out, please let us know. Thankyou

By R B
On 12/08/2009

THat 's fair enough for photo 2 & probably 3 but the others are older. Who on the committee is ex Fire? Never heard mention except for Roy's father.

Bill M was a serving fireman for many years. RB

By Pete
On 13/08/2009

The photos were taken at the opening of the new fire station in Fort Road. Fire 2 is the opening parade, the people in Fire 3 are from the right: My father George Nunn, Keith Curl, Geoff Britnell, Alan Farley, ? ,Bob Lower. Cannot recognise the rest but the officer doing the introduction is Station Officer Bill Izzard.

By Terry Nunn ,ex retained fireman
On 18/08/2009

If my memory serves correct, the uniforms in the 1st photo look suspiciously like AFS/NFS (WW2), but where? There are other photos of WW2 firemen on the site, maybe the location could be identified from them.

On 18/08/2009

I spoke to Bill today and showed him the photos. He couldn't place where Fire1 was except that the officer 1st right is S/O Metcalfe.
Terry, he managed to pick George Nunn out and thought there was another Nunn further along.
Fire2 Ian Colwell 1sr on right, Bert Ashley tall guy, front rank to left of S/O Izzard
Fire 4 Ted Goldsmith 1st right with "THE HAIR",Fred Bedger 4th from right
Gradually filling in names -thanks all , Pete

By Pete
On 19/08/2009

I think fire 4 may be the Newhaven fire service tug of war team after a competition.

By Guy Bowes
On 03/05/2010

Sad to announce the passing of Ted Goldsmith who is indeed in the photo alongside Bert Ashley.

By Keith Curl
On 23/01/2012

The person 2nd from the right in fire 4 is my father Frederick Henderson.

By Brian Henderson
On 27/03/2014

Can anyone advise me when the Newhaven Fire Service was set up also when did they move into (18) Fort Road before they moved to the new fire station.

By Stephen Le Vine
On 28/03/2014

Photo 4 is the East Sussex fire brigade tug-of-war team in the early 50's after successfully winning a keg of beer. We can identify some of the participants who were all members of the Newhaven Fire Service: (from left to right) Arthur Whitman, Bill Shepherdson, Bill Izzard S/O (pouring beer from the keg), 3 unknown members from either Lewes or Hayward's Heath station), Fred Hedger, Ted Mann (Lewes), Fred Henderson and Ted Goldsmith.

Bill and Betty Shepherdson (now living in Australia)

By Bill Shepherdson
On 14/02/2016

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