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By Jan Marshall

I have only lived here for 20 years... when does 'history' start? Flora lived here all her life. She remains in my present and in many others. She is the history of Newhaven. In the photo she is in her wheelchair, chirpy as ever, and waiting for a train at Newhaven Town Station to take her via Lewes station (including 2 lifts) and Polegate to the Cuckoo Trail and hence by battery power to Hailsham Market 30th June 2006

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This page was added by Jan Marshall on 24/10/2009.
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Hi Jan, Remember me? I knew Flora when I worked at Downlands in Peacehaven. She came to Stepping Stones and was life and soul of the party! She told us many a tale of days gone by as many of the older folk did. If you want to learn history in the raw work with elderly folk.

By Reigna Mitchell
On 31/10/2009

I well remember this local lady when I was growing up on Mount Pleasant, as she lived in Beresford Road, as a lad and also when I had reached adulthood. As your previous posting indicates she was always a cheerful soul and I'm sure I like many other locals remember her running round in her maroon 'Morris Traveller', which must have had many miles on the clock as this was a familiar sight over many many years!!

By Chris Young
On 16/05/2010

I also remember Flora when I was really little my mum Elsie Ryan used to be a home help at Flora's. I always loved going with her, I sometimes see her around, to me she still looks the same .

By Pam Smart nee Ryan
On 29/10/2010

Flora doesn't seem to have changed. It was lovely to see that photo and read that she is still around. I seem to remember her sharing her liquorice allsorts with me. I'm pretty sure that she was known as Flora Almond to my mum and dad.

By Marie Anscomb (nee Relf)
On 28/01/2011

Flora was my aunt, Marie.  Your mum and dad probably knew her as Flora Harman, her maiden name.

By Anne Stephney
On 23/06/2011

I also grew up in Beresford Road and remember fondly Flora in the 70's. Didn't she also ride a bicycle and her little yorkshire terrier would ride in the handlebar basket?

By Paul Mingham
On 06/01/2012

Sadly, Auntie Flora passed away in May 2009 but I know she will be fondly remembered by many people for a very long time. You are quite right Paul, she did used to ride a bicycle with Jolie the yorkie in the handlebar basket. Incidentally, Jolie (looked cute but believe me she was more than a little snappy) was bred by Mrs Howie who is featured in this website. 

By Anne Stephney
On 19/02/2012

Made me smile! My mother, Win Mullett, told me lots of tales of 'Flonk'.

By Colin McKay
On 25/02/2013

I have very fond memories of Flora, and her husband Fred too, from childhood right up until her last few days.
Fred used to work at the cement works at Asham and during conker season would often bring home a sack of conkers and pour them down our driveway (Flora and Fred lived three doors away at No.75 Beresford Road) to the delight of my friends and me.
A 'Turkey Towner' by birth Flora and two of her sisters, Win and Cis, all lived in Beresford Road at some time, Flora for the longest time.

By Michael Young
On 29/05/2014

Reading Michael's post about the conkers reminded me that I used to cycle out to the Asham Cement works in the 1950's to get some conkers. I drove through there a couple of weeks ago and the trees are still there. They were much bigger conkers than we could find anywhere else.

By Terry Howard
On 05/02/2016

Flora and Win were my great aunts and Cis my Grandmother. I have very fond memories of my "days out" to visit them. Flora's infectious laugh and meeting all my cousins. In the earlier days they ran the family bookies with my great Uncle Harold (behind Harman's in Clifton Road, next to the Parker factory) from a large dining room table, using a tickertape machine in the kitchen and the side window.

By Vaughn Harman
On 14/12/2016

Flora was my great aunt. My absolute favourite aunt. She was the most wonderful character. I remember the great gatherings and sitting at the big table on cushions between the dining chairs to make room for more people.

I remember staying with aunt Flora and Auntie Win (was it Western Avenue before aunty Win moved in with Flora?) ‘nearly’ cooked boiled eggs for breakfast with soldiers gratefully eaten as just so pleased to be there. 

Many, many wonderful memories and remarkable stories so grateful for.

By Dawn Stanley
On 10/11/2019

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