Photo:Congregational Chapel, South Way

Congregational Chapel, South Way

Jill Millwood

Photo:Congregational Chapel, South Way

Congregational Chapel, South Way

Jill Millwood

Would you like to find out about our group?

By Jill Millwood

If you care about saving architecturally interesting and historic buildings of Newhaven, please join our group.

Our aims:

Stimulate public interest in the history and character of Newhaven, and applying for listed status of other historical buildings.

Act to Protect and enhance the town through public action.

Co-operate with other groups (eg ournewhaven).

Our next meeting will be held:

Monday 17 May at 7pm, Hillcrest Centre, Hillcrest Road, Newhaven.  BN9 9EA.  Tel: 01273 612660

Please send any correspondance to the Hillcrest address, mark FAO NEWHAVEN CONSERVATION TRUST

These 2 photos are of The Congregational Chapel, South Way. Do you know the history of this building?

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Comments about this page

Hi I'm working in the old Congregational Chapel at the moment, which will soon be flats. I would love to know some history of the building, thanks .

By Mark
On 06/01/2012

I have a souvenir booklet celebrating the centenary of the Congregational Chapel in 1912 and which gives a short history of the chapel including information about various ministers. The booklet is very fragile so if you are interested I can send you a photocopy c/o the Hillcrest Centre address.

Yes  please we would love to have a copy Pam.   

I personally had the pleasure of working in your house in Hill Crest Road and remember your family with great affection.   

John -- editor

By Pam Morrill (nee Britchfield)
On 06/01/2012

My grandmother used to live in the ground floor flat next door. My brother and I used to hear the congregation singing on sunday mornings, while we played in her back garden. There was a big Logan berry tree there, we were encouraged to climb it to pick them. This would have been in the mid fifties. There was always excitement when the siren went, we would rush out to see the fire engine leave the fire station. Probably not what you were looking for Mark, but it brought back some memories for me. Hope you get some info, I look forward to reading it.


Looks like the building is around about 200 years old Mark, so it should have a bit of history !

John -- Editor

By Terry Howard
On 06/01/2012

I am slightly puzzled by the comment about the "Logan Berry Tree". I always thought Loganberry's grew on low bushes like currant bushes?

By Richard Beckett
On 13/06/2014

I think Terry has got a bit confused. My father had a store at number 9 Meeching Rise in the early 1960's which prior to that was a doctors surgery. In the back garden grew a large Mulberry tree, next to a Fig tree. 

By John Hills
On 14/06/2014

Oops sorry, yes it was a Mulberry tree, I have a Logan berry in the garden at home, lets put it down to severe old age the big 70 is looming!

By Terry Howard
On 14/06/2014

Remember the Fig & mulberry tree well. I lived in Norman Road so our back lane backed onto the walled garden of the Church. Used to scale wall and remember getting caught by the Vicar. Our punishment was to pump the Organ for two Sunday mornings. Thought it great fun.

By Mary (nee Carter)
On 04/07/2014

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