COMMENTS 2010 11

By Richard Beckett

NORTH QUAY / DENTON ISLAND (View page) Brian Sloane 30/11/2010

NEWHAVEN HARBOUR (View page) Natasha Macmillan 28/11/2010

THE CAPSTAN (View page) Paula Brooker 27/11/2010

NEWHAVEN CUBS C1966 (View page) Kev Sanders 28/11/2010

UNIDENTIFIED CRAFT (View page) Rob Patten 26/11/2010

TUCKERS HARDWARE (View page) Trevor Tucker 22/11/2010

HILLCREST PLAYGROUP (View page) cassie 22/11/2010

NEWHAVEN HARBOUR MEMORIES (View page) Andy Gilbert 22/11/2010

RAF AIR-SEA RESCUE UNIT NEWHAVEN (View page) John Maughan 21/11/2010

UNIDENTIFIED CRAFT (View page) Rob Patten 20/11/2010

FORT ROAD REC - c1955 (View page) john snow 20/11/2010

UNIDENTIFIED CRAFT (View page) Peter 20/11/2010

CRYSTAL JEWEL (View page) Marcus 20/11/2010

DANN'S THE BUTCHERS (View page) Richard Beckett 18/11/2010

MAY QUEEN c1957 (View page) Julia Atkinson 18/11/2010

NEWHAVEN HARBOUR (View page) Colin Brandon 18/11/2010

THE HOLDER FAMILY FROM SOUTH HEIGHTON (View page) Colin Brandon 18/11/2010

DANN'S THE BUTCHERS (View page) Colin Brandon 18/11/2010

UNIDENTIFIED CRAFT (View page) Chris Young 18/11/2010

PARKER PEN COMPANY (View page) Terry Howard 15/11/2010

NOT NEWHAVEN BUT! (View page) Terry Howard 15/11/2010

UNIDENTIFIED CRAFT (View page) Richard 14/11/2010

THE CREW (View page) Donna-Marie 13/11/2010

LIFEBOAT COXSWAIN (View page) Donna-Marie Hollingdale 13/11/2010

HOME GUARD (View page) Colin Norton 13/11/2010

EVACUEES (View page) Terry Howard 13/11/2010

S.S. FALAISE CREW OUTING - 1960's (View page) john giles 12/11/2010

DIEPPE RAID 1942 (View page) DUCASTELLE 12/11/2010

NEWHAVEN SEA RANGERS (View page) ducastelle 15/11/2010


FREIGHTERS (View page) andrew Wiltshire 12/11/2010

A BOY GOES TO WAR (View page) HALIFAX346ET347 12/11/2010

FAREWELL SENLAC (View page) Andy Gilbert 12/11/2010

RAF AIR-SEA RESCUE UNIT NEWHAVEN (View page) John Shirley 12/11/2010

NEWHAVEN CONSERVATIVE CLUB (View page) Stephen Dorrell 12/11/2010

MODERN NEWHAVEN (Edit | View page) Colin Brandon 12/11/2010

NORTH QUAY (View page) Chris Young 08/11/2010

SEA CADETS AT 'RAVENS AIT' (View page) Stuart Forbes 08/11/2010

THE HIBLING FAMILY (View page) David Hibling 08/11/2010

SOUTH HEIGHTON (View page) Carol Walton 07/11/2010

SOUTH HEIGHTON (View page) Terry Howard 07/11/2010

LOCAL STEAM BOAT (View page) Colin Brandon 04/11/2010

AROUND THE HARBOUR (View page) Colin Brandon 04/11/2010

NEWHAVENS' BEDFORD FIRE ENGINE (1977 - 90) BEING RESTORED View page ) Alec Paddy 06/11/2010

NEWHAVENS' BEDFORD FIRE ENGINE (1977 - 90) BEING RESTORED (View page) rob patten 01/11/2010

BRITISH RAIL FOOTBALL TEAM (View page) Paul Blackman 01/11/2010

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