A view from 1967

By Ricki Carver

My Dad's (Ron Carver) picture of the fire engine stopping the traffic on a shout. The picture is dated 1967 and is the old site in town.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'NEWHAVEN FIRE STATION' page
This page was added by Ricki Carver on 14/09/2011.
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I worked on the new Fire Station in Fort Road just after I finished my apprenticeship. Once I was sent up to this building to collect some drawings. I remember inside there seemed to be a lot of polished brass. Why on earth knock it down, it would have made a fantastic house.

By Terry Howard
On 16/09/2011

This scene brings back so many memories. During the 50's I think that the fireman were alerted to a 'shout' by the air raid siren by the old bridge. I lived in Brighton Road then and when I heard the siren I would run down the road and stand opposite outside the old Post Office. There use to be lots of us gathered there just to watch the same as in the photo although the first engine I remember was open topped. I am trying to remember some of the firemans' names but the only ones that come to mind are are Charlie Metcalfe who was a window cleaner and Bert Ashley. The background buildings also bring back memories. My first recollections are that the first building in the late 50's was occupied on the lower floor by Bill Sweatman, my Dad use to be his TV 'repair man' and he also sold records, bought many there in the 60's. I think 'Wigglesworth' mens outfitters was also in the row and then of course then the seemingly ever present 'Parsons' on the corner. The foor above was Jean Cantell's Dance studio, you can just see the arch of the entrance strairs above the cab of the Fire Engine. Thanks for posting the photo Ricki.

By Paul Blackman
On 16/09/2011

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