How it was in the 1960's - part 1

By Andy Gilbert and Susan Carnochan

Here are a few more from the collection of photos kindly made available to Our Newhaven by Susan Carnochan - better known as Miss Butlin to many of her students from that era.
Are you in one of these photos? Can you put some names to faces?

Photo:I know the answer!

I know the answer!

Sue Carnochan (Butlin) collection

Photo:Dinner in the dining hall before it became the library/resource centre.

Dinner in the dining hall before it became the library/resource centre.

Sue Carnochan (Butlin) collection

Photo:Exams in the main school hall.

Exams in the main school hall.

Sue Carnochan (Butlin) collection

Photo:Studying in the library

Studying in the library

Sue Carnochan (Butlin) collection

This page was added by Andy Gilbert on 22/07/2013.
Comments about this page

The Examination Time looks to be 1965. The Dining area seems to be 1966.

By Peter Stephens
On 23/07/2013

I loved Miss Butlin's history classes--great memories. Oh my, the lunch room and the exam hall; who can forget them?

By Caroline Morrison (nee Taylor)
On 07/02/2014

I remember a very young Miss Butlin teaching us history. I loved history at school, school dinners as well. Very unusual seating arrangements.

By Sue Lawrence nee Thorogood
On 13/03/2014

I vividly remember Miss Butlin teaching us history at Hillcrest School. I would so much like to send her a greeting and best wishes - is this possible?

Sue looks in regularly, so I think you just have! I will also pass on your best wishes next time I see her. Andy-Editor

By Bob Harris
On 09/05/2014

An overdue apology to Miss Butlin - something that has stayed with me for over 50 years ! I was in one of her classes at Hillcrest and most of us  were mis-behaving to such a degree that she became very upset ; it was Sally Forster , a fellow pupil in the class, who had the guts and decency to give us a dressing down. This incident has never left me . So a huge apology to you Susan Carnochan even if you don't remember this ! And Sally Forster, if you ever read this, you sure left an impression on me !

By Bob Harris
On 02/02/2016

I must have been in that class with Bob Harris and Sally Forster and thinking about it you're right Bob, it was a memorable moment. There are some teachers who leave a lasting impression on all of us I think - Miss Butlin (Susan Carnochan) was certainly the person who fired my lifelong interest in history.  I took the science course route and that meant I was unable to follow through to history O-level. However, in retirement I have had the time to make good that omission and now spend time searching for 'lost' Public Rights of Way. My very best wishes to Sue Carnochan, with a big thank you. 

By Charles Wrench
On 03/03/2017

I've just spent the afternoon with my sister and Sue Carnochan, chatting over old times and picking up some more material to scan for future Our Newhaven pages. As I said back in 2014, Sue does look in and comment from time to time, so I'm sure she will read this.

By Andy Gilbert
On 06/03/2017

I remember school in the 1960s and one of the teachers I liked was Mr Funnell the maths teacher, although he was  one of the older teachers. The headmaster at time didn't think I would do well in life; shame he can't see me now having worked for the Government all my life. 

By Christina Wood (nee Smith)
On 06/03/2017

Hello Charles Wrench. You probably don't remember me but as I recall you were about the cleverest in the class ! Also I think I see you in one of the library pictures.

Best wishes,

Bob Harris

By Bob Harris
On 08/03/2017

Hi to you Bob (Harris).  Indeed I do remember – I trust that you are keeping well.   I think your memory is playing tricks with you though – there were a lot of clever people in that class!   I wonder where they all are now – 50 years on!    Yes, you are probably right about the library picture – that was quite a surprise.    Best wishes,

By Charles Wrench
On 10/03/2017

Just watching Prince Phillip's funeral, the first hymn known to me as "For those in peril on the sea" was I seem to remember one of the school hymns. Does anyone else remember this?

Yes I for one remember that Terry, quite appropriate with my father being radio operator on the local lifeboat at the time. 

John  --  Editor

By Terry Howard
On 18/04/2021

I remember singing that hymn so well. I’d never heard it and Mr Britton introduced us to it, accompanying us on the piano. He was insistent about putting a lot of emotion into it and singing quietly then very loudly; that hymn makes me cry to this day! 

By Val Lidster (Vinall)
On 19/04/2021

The dining room l seem to recall had to have a teacher at every table, that is Mr Fraser on the one on the right, was it maths or English he taught?

Miss Butlin and Mrs Cummings, PE,  went to Austria on ski/walker holiday in 1967 l think, we travelled overland by train, had a wonderful weekend and on the way back one of the train  carriages was a disco all night! I have never seen any comments  on this does anyone remember?  I shared a room with Linda ?,  she married Barry Singer l believe.  I Googled  the village, Gaschurn  looks much the same to me. I met a lady called Hanson who came to the station with  rose to see me off. He wrote but as l couldn't  understand  German and was too embarrassed  to get Mr Britten to translate, that was that!  

By Teresa Mackintosh
On 01/05/2022

That does look like 'Jock' Fraser at the right with his head turned sideways to us. He taught English and was still there when I was there some years later. The teacher with the beard on the table to the left may well be Peter Britten - also still there in my time!

By Andy Gilbert
On 01/05/2022

I’d completely forgotten about the terror of sharing the ‘dining experience’ with a member of staff. We had Mrs Hemingway and the shredded nerves of having to serve her food- was it always meat pie- has never left me. I think I can trace my IBS back to those days!

By Marion Milroy (nee Lower)
On 26/06/2023

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