September 2013

By Richard Beckett

SAXONHOLME (View page) Hi Richard, I worked for Oxley & Bennett thro the 1960's up to 1972 and I can verify that there was a blocked off tunnel Colin Brandon 30/09/2013
SAXONHOLME (View page) A friend of mine says that before the building was demolished he had been given permission to explore a short tunnel. Richard Beckett 29/09/2013
CHARABANG OUTSIDE THE POST OFFICE , MEECHING ROAD (View page) Just a visitor to your website but for what its worth the image of the Charabang on solid tyres would be closer to WW1, c 1920 Keith Robinson 28/09/2013
AIR TRAINING CORPS, 1970 (View page) Top picture next to me (Pete Eaton) is Bob Sellwood (the drum major in the picture of the band)  who was the CWO. Peter Eaton 27/09/2013
PEACEHAVEN ABSEIL (View page) "I remember Alan (coke) Downes lost his wedding ring while swimming off the Bastion steps, amazingly he found it at low tide. 26/09/2013
PEACEHAVEN ABSEIL (View page) Richard, I think the swim out to the Cote d'Albatre would have been worse than the climb up the steps! Andy Gilbert 26/09/2013
PEACEHAVEN ABSEIL (View page) Andy. There was "ferry" there if needed. See in background of second picture. Richard Beckett 25/09/2013
NEWHAVEN YOUTH MARCHING BAND (View page) Hello Angie, really pleased to hear that your two son's are doing well.  The N.Y.M.B. Closed down about 2 months ago.Heidi Watkins 23/09/2013
WEST PIER LIGHT & CAPSTAN (View page) My father was also a lighthouse keeper at this time, his name was Ben Dunstall. I remember spending happy times in this lighthouse. Joy Nock 23/09/2013
SIDNEY GRAVETT (View page) I agree with the comment about the Church Hill picture. Is the date known? Tony Bannister 23/09/2013
PEACEHAVEN ABSEIL (View page) I keep telling myself I'll do this. The few times that I've tried abseiling, I've loved it. Andy Gilbert 23/09/2013
VIGILANTS- OLD AND NEW (View page) Having moved all my photos to Ipernity Phil Sutters 22/09/2013
FOREMOST 22 (View page) Hi William, do you have any recollections of an Albert Strange. Claire Strange 20/09/2013
NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL (View page) A good friend of mine, Andre Havard came across this picture of me. Stephen Orpin 20/09/2013
RADIO FACTORY ON DENTON ISLAND (View page) Hi Christina Mitchell... I'm so sorry to hear about Reg passing. Richard Wellfare 20/09/2013
LOCAL STEAM BOAT (View page) Hi Dave, I'm sorry to learn of Roger's passing, he was a good bloke. Colin Brandon 18/09/2013
LOCAL STEAM BOAT (View page) "Hi Colin, you are quite right, it was Roger Atkinson! Dave Carpenter 17/09/2013
HOSPITAL SHIP (View page) My father Bob Simmons was a fifteen year old boy fresh out of school and was working on the "Grid Iron" Rob Simmons 17/09/2013
SEFTON TERRACE (View page) Hi Graham how nice it is to hear from you! Tracy Everett 15/09/2013
SEFTON TERRACE (View page) "Hi Joan,Tracy and Sandra I would very much like to get in touch with you all. Graham Moore 15/09/2013
OUR LOCAL FOOTBALL STAR (View page) Hi Amanda. Please get in touch. Graham Moore 15/09/2013
SEFTON TERRACE (View page) "Hi Graham. This is amazing. I'm hoping your mother told you about her aunt Elsie Maud Mitchell. Joan Crawley 14/09/2013
MARINE WORKSHOPS-CARPENTERS (View page) "I showed this photo to Cyril Lester and he said the caption was wrong. Ron Atkinson 13/09/2013
FLOODING IN NEWHAVEN (View page) "I lived at 93 Chapel Street almost opposite the second lampost in the middle picture till the late seventies. Colin Bell 13/09/2013
NEWHAVEN GUIDE (View page) "W.A Sweatman was my Uncle Bill, Janice, Sheila & Ginny my cousins. David Sweatman 13/09/2013
SEFTON TERRACE (View page) "My mother Daisy Christabel Moore (nee Staniforth) also told me this Graham Moore 13/09/2013
RNVR BATTERY (View page) "I have similar type photos 1955-1956 if you want to see them."Ben Masey 13/09/2013
BUILDING THE EAST PIER c1883/4 (View page) "Dear Mrs Walton, What fabulous photos, Michael Howe 13/09/2013
SIDNEY GRAVETT (View page) "The bottom one is very David Hockney if anyone has seen the exhibition he had at the Royal Academy Terry Howard 13/09/2013
OPEN BEACH BOAT BUILT BY LOWER (View page) "I am the very proud owner of a Meeching Beach Boat which was built on Denton Island. Peter Reynolds 13/09/2013
LILY BLIN (NEE FENNER) - LOOKING BACK (View page) "Yes my father's name was Walter Fenner born in 1901 Lily Blin 11/09/2013
MAYBE NOT NEWHAVEN (View page) "I have finally located the picture - Brian is absolutely right. Kevin Gordon 09/09/2013
LILY BLIN (NEE FENNER) - LOOKING BACK (View page) "Hi Lily, I am not 100% sure at this stage, but I think your father's family may be in my family tree, Mrs Swann 09/09/2013
THE TUG MEECHING - A NEW CHAPTER BEGINS (View page) "Great to read about the Old Lady being given a new lease of life. John Burgess 09/09/2013
HIBLING FAMILY (View page) "I am through Sarah Cole (nee Hibling).  Emma 08/09/2013
MARINE WORKSHOPS-CARPENTERS (View page) "I have a clock here in Nottingham which I bought in Newhaven at the end of the last century. Rodney Ballard 07/09/2013
MARINE WORKSHOPS (View page) "It is nice to see that this workshop was illuminated by Carbon Arc electric lights. Rodney Ballard 07/09/2013
MARINERS CRICKET CLUB (View page) "I have a clock here in Nottingham which I bought in Newhaven at the end of the last Century. It was a wedding present presented to Mr W R La..."By: Rodney Ballard 07/09/2013
SEFTON TERRACE (View page) "Yes, I too have heard this told by my Mother. Tracy Everett 06/09/2013
ANIMAL & MECHANICAL HORSEPOWER (View page) "I remember having a ride on one of those horses back in the very early 50s.Doug Hall 04/09/2013
ANIMAL & MECHANICAL HORSEPOWER (View page) "Terry, wagons would have come in and gone out, over the Southern Railway, to all the other railways. Richard Salmon 04/09/2013
THE TUG MEECHING - A NEW CHAPTER BEGINS (View page) "Absolutely great Andy Ian Wallis 04/09/2013
MEECHING INFANTS SCHOOL (View page) "Hi Dave, I can help with a few names for these faces. Jeff Morley 02/09/2013
NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL (View page) "I think you're right about Jean Manser and Rosemary. Brenda Hall 01/09/2013

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