Riddle of the Transport Memorial

By Laurie Stonehouse

The first picture shows the cafe and Riverside Hall from 1989, outside the hall is the Transport / Maritime Memorial, what happened to the lamp that was on top of the memorial? A new lamp is shown in the third image.

Photo:Old Cafe - Old Seamans Mission Hut - Transport / Maritime Memorial - 1989

Old Cafe - Old Seamans Mission Hut - Transport / Maritime Memorial - 1989


Photo:Transport memorial in Dacra Road - 1920

Transport memorial in Dacra Road - 1920


Photo:Maritime / Transport Memorial - 2008

Maritime / Transport Memorial - 2008

Andy Gilbert

Photo:Maritime Memorial - 1989

Maritime Memorial - 1989

Edited from the top photo

Photo:Transport / Maritime Memorial - 1960

Transport / Maritime Memorial - 1960

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The café used to do a great English breakfast. They also did wonderful bacon sandwiches. A friend of mine went in for a bacon sandwich once and left his car engine running outside a policeman came in and was going to book him for it but hadn't got a pen to write out the ticket so had to let him go, leading to much mirth. I think the café got an Eagon Ronay award, can anyone confirm that.

By Terry Howard
On 25/10/2013

I remember a lovely man called Harry use to own the café. When I worked at "Nainshouse", along Quarry Road, I use to have my lunch there every day. It beat Acres the Bakers Chicken Supreme.

By Cliff Thorpe
On 28/10/2013

The cafe was indeed run by Harry, he had been a prisoner of war with the Japs. In the 1960's the cafe was packed out with anglers and boat skippers every day. Harry served up excellent breakfasts and dinners. When an exceptionally high tide occured the road outside would be flooded, causing the rats that lived on the riverbank to run across the floor of the cafe. A great place!

By Dave Carpenter
On 04/11/2014

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