Silver Jubilee Party 1977

By Laurie Stonehouse

This seemed a normal thing back then, has anybody got any photographs of the street party at Ash walk? I remember people talking about Elvis and a nice blue mug with the queen on the side.Not very interesting for a nine year old then but interesting now...the boy on the mechanical horse is Clive stanyard who features in the Newhaven Tennis club 70th anniversary photo!.

Photo:Throwing wet sponges

Throwing wet sponges

Photo:At the food tables

At the food tables

Photo:Food time

Food time

Photo:Marching up

Marching up

Photo:Marching down

Marching down

Photo:Clive Stanyard Tennis superstar on the horse

Clive Stanyard Tennis superstar on the horse

Photo:Meeting the pearly king

Meeting the pearly king

Photo:Donkey ride

Donkey ride

Photo:View from bottom of Lawes ave

View from bottom of Lawes ave

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Grew up in this street, my mum and dad still live there.
I attended this street party for the Queens Jubilee. I was about 11, can't spot myself but in the photo titled 'marching down' the boy in the blue jumper is my brother Dave and too his left is Robert Shearing.

By sue phillips (nee hampton?)
On 27/03/2009

I remember these parties so fondly! I was only 2 and can't see myself in these photos but my sisters Sharon & Sandra are both there .... I remember the jubilee celebrations and the Diana & Charles wedding ... oh and bells and drums on new years eve; skipping on easter monday .... in fact I'm sure just about any excuse to have party and the bunting went up! Were our parents all just a bunch of alcoholic loons??????

By Rebecca Morgan
On 20/07/2009

Happy days! There was such a great community spirit in the Avenue. Absolutely everybody (bar one person) in the road contirbuted. We had a fabulous day, especially as the bar was in my front garden!!!!

By Dennis & Maureen Morgan
On 18/08/2009

I was aged 4 then. My Dad (Ken Boxall) is in the 7th photo down, he says that my Nan & Grandad Weller played Piano & Squeeze box there. I would love to see any photos of that!!

By Danny Boxall
On 11/05/2011

What a street Lawes Avenue was back then!. Proper community spirit and any excuse for an all inclusive party! Good times and good people.

By Graham Precey
On 02/06/2022

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