Recovery of the " Kathleen Mary " in the 1960's

By John Hills

The Newhaven lifeboat the KATHLEEN MARY on the slipway after taking a few dignitaries for a trip round the bay. Pictured here before she had her refit.

Bob Holden the head launcher is pictured on the right in the brown jacket with his assistant Martin Hills on the left in the maroon jumper.

The two wires from the boathouse winch can be seen attached at the stern, ready to start pulling her back up the slipway.

The tug " Meeching " looks as if she might have just had a new lick of paint..

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'NEWHAVEN LIFEBOAT' page
This page was added by John Hills on 29/02/2008.
Comments about this page

Nice picture John. I think you are right about the Meeching. Think my late father was still mate on her at that time.
It has always amazed me how they could back her in every time without touching the concrete sides.

By william Still
On 01/03/2008

Great photo. I can remember standing on the steps at the left many a time watching the recovery operation. (Don't think that's me in the photo though.) There appears to be some non-lifeboat personnel on board, not even wearing lifejackets! (H&S would have a fit today!) I wonder what the occasion was?

Meeching does indeed look smart. Post 1965 blue paint, but I see that the Sealink Port Offices have been built. That's the building above the lifeboat with the white 'box' on the top. Anyone know when they were built?


By Andy Gilbert
On 01/03/2008

Please could you tell me when the photo of the Kathleen Mary at the lifeboat house was taken

By Malcolm Marshall
On 07/02/2012

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