A regular sight in 1967, but not recently.

Scott McAvoy-Hunnisett

29th July 2007. After appearing at the Worthing Bus Rally earlier that day, Southdown Bus No.547 (PUF 647) is in Bridge Street, a sight not seen since 1974. .

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This page was added by Scott Mcavoy-Hunnisett on 04/06/2008.
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It does seem odd to see a bus there again, but I'm glad all the traffic from Brighton can't go in the town anymore, it would be a nightmare ! I remember years ago that the Bridge Hotel was hit a few times by various vehicles trying to negotiate that corner, and one of those was a bus!!!

By vicky delaney
On 06/06/2008

The old green and yellow number 12 bus brings back memories of my teenage years! We used to go to Seaford and I believe that the fare was 1s/5d (about 7p) return!

By Marilyn Nolan
On 07/06/2008

Look at the front of the bus above the upstairs front windows, looks like that one hit a few things in its working life.

By Richard
On 08/06/2008

Richard, could I please state one thing re your comment about hitting things. In the sky above the bus there are some clouds and it is their  reflection, not scratches, that you can see. All the best Andy

By Andrew French
On 23/12/2008

I seem to have made a mistake and I apologise. There are some dents where it has hit a few things in its working life, but otherwise what a marvellous bus.

By Andrew French
On 22/05/2009

How the memories flooded back on seeing this photo. I used to travel to Newhaven from Seaford by Southdown on many occasions and vividly recall waiting at the bus stop opposite the Co-op. There was a small waiting room and even someone on duty to advise you of the bus times! Those were the days when you really did get some service.

By Derek Longly
On 26/06/2011

Just out of interest for the Bus lovers amongst us. I drove its sister later in its life. but it was painted brown and cream and had a long and happy life doing schools service and football specials in Leamington Spa for Priory Coaches as late as 1974. Not sure if she was sold on from there or went to the breakers. They were a fun bus to drive. The collection of dents in the front of the roof are caused by trees. Councils and bus company's no longer seem to go out with a tree lopper and trim these branches off.

By william Still
On 26/06/2011

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