Back in the late 1970s.

By Andy Gilbert

Photo:A full house at the East Quay

A full house at the East Quay

Andy Gilbert

This view from Castle Hill near the Fort is from 1978 or 1979, when the harbour was a much busier place than it now is.

At the left is the French car ferry Villandry. Nothing unusual in that, but it is unusual that she is stern in to the link span ramp. After their conversion to drive through operation, they normally came in bow first to the ramp and then swung in the harbour when leaving.

Next is one of the elegant Blue Star vessels that were once very regular visitors to the port. This one is Ulster Star. She's stern in, which means that Meeching would have towed her in and would only have to give her a gentle pull off the quay on departure.

At the right is the bow of the Durango. Along with her sister ships Deseado and Drina, she was another regular back in 'the day'. They always struck me as being a bit drab in that grey paint - they all had previous 'lives' under different names (having been shuffled from one part of the company to another) and had once looked very smart in black and white livery.

In the foreground is the Cresta Yacht Club. I was resident organist there every weekend from 1974 to the end of 1977. It was a good gig, the panoramic windows giving a great view of the ships in the harbour. Many is the time that I'd be playing and watch Meeching go slowly past with a large ship in tow. Dad would usually have time to give me a quick wave, and then he'd come down to the club to pick me up at the end of my evening's work!


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