March - 2016

By John Hills

SCOFFERS / JOHN KENNEDY BOOKMAKERS (View page)"I once worked for a company at the harbour and got Luncheon Vouchers as a 'perk of the job' (tax-free, as I recall) in return f..." By: Andy Gilbert  30/03/2016

SCOFFERS / JOHN KENNEDY BOOKMAKERS (View page)"I actually did all the exterior painting of "Scoffers" one summer school holiday! Stavros, the greek owner, was a good man!" By: Michael A Cutler  29/03/2016

RAF AIR-SEA RESCUE UNIT NEWHAVEN (View page)"My name is David Bisley and I was a cook at Lyme Regis in 1958. I wonder if anyone remembers me." By: David Bisley  29/03/2016

MEECHING INFANT'S SCHOOL (View page)"Hi John, it may have been something to do with the month you were born. I was born at the beginning of September and in 1970 they changed th..." By: Rob Patten 24/03/2016

MEECHING INFANT'S SCHOOL (View page)"The Meeching Valley 'Class of 1970' (under Mrs Holter) are my contemporaries, but I can't recall exactly why I wasn't there...." By: John Simmons  23/03/2016

R. LOWER BOATS APPRENTICE PAPERWORK (View page)"Don't think Tom could have completed his apprenticeship, as he went for national service at 18." By: Brian Urry 22/03/2016

NEWHAVEN GIRLS SCHOOL (View page)"Rosemary Heaver was close friend of mine at this time, she lived in Meeching Road and I lived in Norman Road. Does anyone remember me...." By: John Winter 16/03/2016

RAF AIR-SEA RESCUE UNIT NEWHAVEN (View page)"My late father  Cpl Sam Smith served in ASR,  as a marine engineer ending up based on the island of Mayotte  off the South Af..." By: Steve Smith 15/03/2016

LISIEUX (View page)"Cracking photo! Colour shots of Lisieux are quite rare.  From the lighting angle we can tell that this is the morning departure and yo..." By: Andy Gilbert 12/03/2016

GERMAN COASTER PELLWORM (View page)"Looking at these photos I imagine the crew gave a sigh of relief once they were safely alongside! " By: Derek Longly 11/03/2016

A REMINDER OF OUR FORMER LIFEBOATS (View page)"Great views of the lifeboats and additional interest in the first two of other vessels in the harbour.  Thanks for sharing. " By: Derek Longly 11/03/2016

LISIEUX (View page)"What a great shot of Lisieux in her heyday departing from Newhaven - many thanks for sharing it. " By: Derek Longly 11/03/2016

LIFEBOAT - LOUIS MARCHESI  OF ROUND TABLE No. 44 019 (View page)"As a member of Crowborough Round Table No 980 we were invited to Newhaven when the boat was received. We were fortunate to have a condu..." By: Bryan Whitton 09/03/2016

RAF AIR SEA RESCUE BOAT (View page)"My grandfather Jim Allen was the coxswain on 2688 throughout the war. I'm going to pursue more information too.  I have his jumpe..." By: Tom Partridge 09/03/2016

BURGESS FAMILY (View page)"I found a list of the managers of the L&P Hotel on I don't know ..." By: Philippe Rouyer 08/03/2016

RICHARDSON FAMILY OF NEWHAVEN (View page)"Charles H Richardson was my gran's grandfather (The son of Charles Richardson and Clara Hope). My great-gran was Adelaide E Richardson. ..." By: Claire Howard 06/03/2016

SEA CADET FOOTBALL TEAM (View page)"Re the group photo outside the main doors. There are poppies tucked inside the cap tally of some of the cadets, so I guess this may have bee..." By: Andy Gilbert 03/03/2016

SEA CADET FOOTBALL TEAM (View page)"Stuart Forbes...Yes, Harry was a cracking fullback. You were not too shabby yourself. I was in one of the SC teams, so they weren't all ..." By: Stuart Winton 03/03/2016

MEMORIES OF DENTON ISLAND 1914 to c1927 (View page)"A few years ago, when I visited Newhaven Museum, I found a rough hand-drawn map showing the houses on Denton Island. It was on a page with p..." By: Joan Crawley 02/03/2016

GERMAN COASTER PELLWORM (View page)"That is a fair old list! Yes, there were a lot of beech boules coming in through Newhaven's North Quay back then. Planks of beech, basic..." By: Andy Gilbert 01/03/2016

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