March 2017

By John Hills

ANOTHER TIDEWAY MEMORY (View page)"Hi, My name is Vickie Baker now and I have also searched for Cord! I am on Facebook and am unable to post my e mail address o..." By: Vickie Baker (nee Busk) 31/03/2017

THE HIGHS AND LOWS OF THE PORT AND PASSENGER FERRY (View page)"Very interesting read even for a non-Newhavener. What about the Lord Lucan visit/car/ferrytrip escape etc in '73 or '74?" By: David Jackson  29/03/2017

OF YEARS AGO! (View page)"As a kid, I remember seeing pigeons in cages in the basement of a house on the west side of South Road, close to the Volunteer. You cou..." By: Rob Patten 27/03/2017

HAMPDEN ARMS (View page)"The "tunnel" in the Pub went from the mens toilets out under the garden to a large brick lined hole that appeared to contain a lot of Bob War..." By: David Twaits  21/03/2017

NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL (View page)"The girl in the top row far right is my sister Ann Goldsmith."By: Sue Walsh 20/03/2017

SIDNEY GRAVETT (View page)"Lovely to see the old cottage on St Luke's Lane. I lived next door to Mrs Arnold's shop. Can anyone remember who lived in the old co..." By: Carole Knott (nee Wilkinson) 20/03/2017

OF YEARS AGO! (View page)"My husband was a fireman on the railway at that time and remembers the pigeons being brought down by train and left at the east quay. &..." By: Carol Walton 19/03/2017

SIDNEY GRAVETT (View page)"I also have a painting by Sidney Gravett, it's of the beach, cliffs and some of the fort.  The painting belonged to my parents..." By: Carol Walton 19/03/2017

EAGER CHILDREN OF DENTON ISLAND (View page)"I have just found this post written by my late grandad and it is very interesting finding out about my family. " By: Susie Knights 18/03/2017

HILLCREST SCHOOL AIR RAID SHELTERS (View page)"I remember my mum telling me about these air raid shelters. Whilst playing truant sometime during the 1960s, my mum, her older sister and th..." By: Steve Jones 17/03/2017

HILLCREST SCHOOL AIR RAID SHELTERS (View page)"I wonder if they still there or have the entrances been blocked up ? " By: Sue 13/03/2017

LIFE AT NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL (View page)"Hi to you Bob (Harris).  Indeed I do remember – I trust that you are keeping well.   I think your memory is playing tri..." By: Charles Wrench 10/03/2017

LIFE AT NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL (View page)"Hello Charles Wrench. You probably don't remember me but as I recall you were about the cleverest in the class ! Also I think I see you ..." By: Bob Harris 08/03/2017

NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL (View page)"Photo 5 ....... It's Arthur Oxborrow (Oxborrow & Richards, Peacehaven) standing next to my cousin Simon Thomas. Thanks for the corr..." By: Geoff Thomas 07/03/2017

R.A.F. AIR SEA RESCUE (ASR), MARINE CRAFT SECTION (MCS Unit 1107) (View page)"I lived at Newhaven from 1939 to 1956. I remember ASR crew members were billeted at our neighbours house at Evelyn Ave at the start of ..." By: Mr David Brady 06/03/2017

LIFE AT NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL (View page)"I remember school in the 1960s and one of the teachers I liked was Mr Funnell the maths teacher, although he was  one of the older..." By: Christina Wood (nee Smith) 06/03/2017

LIFE AT NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL (View page)"I've just spent the afternoon with my sister and Sue Carnochan, chatting over old times and picking up some more material to scan for fu..."By: Andy Gilbert 06/03/2017

MEECHING COUNTY JUNIOR SCHOOL - 1955 (View page)"In the bottom photo on the far right back row is my cousin Roger Howard, he sadly died at the beginning of December last year." By: Terry Howard 04/03/2017

LIFE AT NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL (View page)"I must have been in that class with Bob Harris and Sally Forster and thinking about it you're right Bob, it was a memorable moment. Ther..." By: Charles Wrench 03/03/2017

WHERE WE USED TO PLAY (View page)"I remember we had great times playing on the land west of the harbour wall and below the Ark Inn where the Newhaven fisheries and car p..." By: David Carter 02/03/2017

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