Aug 2015

By Richard Beckett

NEWHAVEN SECONDARY SCHOOL TEACHERS (View page) I've just heard from Sue Carnochan (Miss Butlin) that sadly Miss Cavadini passed away on Monday 3rd August 2015 at the age of 93. Andy Gilbert 31/08/2015

RADIO FACTORY ON DENTON ISLAND (View page) "Hi Richard, Yes the green mini Marcos was mine.  I bought it from someone at Thorn, but I can't remember who.  Martin Wakely 31/08/2015

GIBBON ROAD (View page) "We had a caravan (on what is now Newhaven Heights) and had Fish & Chips from a van from Gibbon Road every week. Circa 50's. Simon Morris 30/08/2015

THE BENNETT FAMILY and CHILDREN (View page) "John's quite correct, it's still there. The only problem is that the photo here is not of Denton School Andy Gilbert 29/08/2015

THE BENNETT FAMILY and CHILDREN (View page) Having lived in Denton from about 1956 till 1971 I was interested to see the photograph of Denton school. Terry Howard 28/08/2015

SNOW AT TIDEWAY (View page) I can remember that afternoon like it was yesterday, the school finished early and every one sent home. neil barrett 28/08/2015

NEWHAVEN CARNIVAL (View page) Thanks Brian. It's amazing to see photos of my mum at such a young age. Natasha MacMillan 25/08/2015

TIDEWAY SCHOOL (View page) Yes, he was my tutor for my 5 years at Tideway School and looking back I agree, Phil Wise


POPULATION OF NEWHAVEN (View page) Does anyone know the population of Newhaven in 1939 please. John Oakley


RADIO FACTORY ON DENTON ISLAND (View page) Hi Martin, I remember you and your Mini Marcos springs to mind.  Richard Holloway 22/08/2015

THE HIGHS AND LOWS OF THE PORT AND PASSENGER FERRY (View page) A comment for Bruce Granger. My grandfather Frank Vinall reputedly knew Ho Chi Minh as they both worked on the cross channel ferry. Val Lidster (Vinall)


JACK SIMMONS AND FAMILY (View page) Thanks for this, John. I love the group photo your Uncle Jack & Auntie Annie. Val Lidster (Vinall) 21/08/2015

NEWHAVEN-DIEPPE FERRY - FUTURE SECURED (View page) Really good news for Newhaven; lets hope the service can at last, continue well into the future and prosper. Graham Norris 20/08/2015

CRYSTAL JEWEL (View page) Rumours indeed, and several of Meeching's crew were taken to court. Andy Gilbert. 16/08/2015

M.V. WALTER RICHTER (View page) Mr Cross, the pilot mentioned by Bruce Macphee, was my great uncle, Elizabeth Garvey. 16/08/2015

ROBERT WILLIAM OAKLEY (View page) Thanks for the information about cap badge you are almost certainly correct. John Oakley 15/08/2015

RAF AIR-SEA RESCUE UNIT NEWHAVEN (View page) Hi all, My  father was in air sea rescue during ww2 and he left a painting of launch 121 signed by W.Royle, Stephen Pollitt 14/08/2015

TIDEWAY SCHOOL (View page) Had Mr. Kellett as an English teacher too. Always struck me as a very interesting fellow and too educated to be teaching at Tideway. Paul Tucknott 14/08/2015

TIDEWAY SCHOOL (View page) I was in a state of anguish all one summer because I had been given Mr Kellet but it turned  out to be one of the best Rob Patten. 12/08/2015

RADIO FACTORY ON DENTON ISLAND (View page) Hi Paul, I worked in the test gear lab from about 72 to 74 Martin Wakely. 12/08/2015

AIR TRAINING CORPS, 1970 (View page) Back row fourth from left is Brian Whitehouse. John Kingshott 08/08/2015

OLD SOUTHDOWN SCHOOL (View page) I remember scoring 2 goals on that pitch for Brighton against Arromanches in the final circa 1975. Phil Wise 06/08/2015

TIDEWAY SCHOOL (View page) I can see my old tutor class in B block, Mr Kellett was the teacher. Phil Wise 06/08/2015

EVELYN AVENUE (View page) Just saw these messages and I wanted to say I now live at 76 Evelyn Avenue and it is nice to hear about the names etched on the archway. Frederica Gandolf. 03/08/2015

EXPRESS SANTORINI ex CHARTRES (View page) Thanks for the update Stefanos! She is still looking very smart, in fact I think she looks better than when she was running here. Andy Gilbert 02/08/2015

MOTOR LAUNCH 'JOHN MCLEOD' (View page) I remember the John Mc Leod. Helped out on board as a kid. William Still


CEMETERY AND ISOLATION HOSPITAL - 1902 (View page) That is Portland Terrace to the right in South Heighton. Sue Highsted. 01/08/2015


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