Photo:Fuller at Tideway School, 1970s

Fuller at Tideway School, 1970s

Paul Smith (

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This page was added by Jack Latimer on 03/09/2007.
Comments about this page

This picture sums up the 'playground' at Tideway in the 1970's. Black and white, flared trousers and long hair. I grew up in Newhaven, went to Tideway and to this day consider Newhaven to be my home. That picture brightens my day.

By Claire Hiscott
On 08/09/2008

I live in Greece now and wonder if someone can go to Ship Street, off Lewes Road and take a couple of photos of our Victorian postbox. It's built into the wall, half way down on the left hand side. There cannot be many of these around now. Happy new year from a sunny Rhodes.

By Celia Malfroot
On 05/01/2009

Hi Celia
I will go down there and take a picture for you! I will put it on the site, but if you let me know your email address, I will send it to you.

By Marilyn Nolan
On 18/01/2009

I was Bonny Gilbrook and I went to Tideway with Claire Hiscott and she is right about that photo! I have a picture of her in my journal for the German exchange we went on in 1972. Only got to know about the site yesterday and now live near Cambridge. Great idea!

By Bonny White
On 03/02/2009

I am a Marine Surveyor based at Brixham mainly involved fishing vessels. I have just typed in and searched the word "Meeching" on Google as I am just writing an inspection report on a GRP Beach Boat thought to have been moulded in Newhaven by a Company of this name. Although I have found some information on these vessels
it is not my main point in adding a comment, I just really wanted to congratulate all of you who are involved with this Web site. It gladdens the heart that you care enough to ensure that your history is recorded for all to see and is not lost and forgotten. The photographs of the shipwrights and carpenters workshops are really interesting, I wonder if one of them is where Brian Newbury is carrying on the Tradition of Ship and boatbuilding at Robinson road. Best Regards to you all.

By Rod Watts
On 07/02/2009

Hi again Celia
I have taken some photos of the old Victorian postbox in Ship Street and have put them on the site. Hope the weather is better in Greece than here!
Kind regards

By Marilyn Nolan
On 15/02/2009

That bought back some memories about Tideway School. I'm Phil Wiltshire and I remember Claire Hiscott and Bonny Gilbrook. I'm sure Claire lived up Hillcrest Road? Regards Phil

By Phil
On 26/10/2009

I have just seen the name Meeching up on the board here. I am sure this was the name of a caravan or camp site that I was at in the early 70's Meeching Court? Has anybody got any photo's of this site? it would be great to hear from you.

From Editors: If you click on " Leisure & Entertainment, then click on "1950's" there are a couple of photos.

By Tony Smith
On 16/11/2009

Leading up to a quiet Christmas I am going to dig through the boxes of photos and copy some to send off to you folks. Where can I send them to.? keep up the great work, regards Rob Patten

Why not follow the simple instructions on site and create your own pages, Rob? We'd certainly welcome them. Creating a page takes just a few minutes to do.

Failing that, email the photos to us with some information and perhaps a story about each photo and we'll happily create pages for you. The email address is simply Please make sure that all photos are in jpeg format and not too large! Andy, Editor.

By rob patten
On 22/11/2009

Hi, Would like to say what a great website! and congratulations!

I have been interested in military history since I was a wee child and the Fort played a key role in my youth. I have been arguing about the existence of searchlight bunkers on the beach for years with my mother! Now on your site I see a picture of one! Great stuff! I knew I was right..

Do you have any more pictures of WW2 structures outside of the fort?

Regards Paul

By Paul Connor
On 04/12/2009

Am I missing something or has the 'Message Board' disappeared ?

From the editors, Sorry Paul, but the message board has become overloaded and at present is being sorted out. It will re-appear within a few days.

By Paul Blackman
On 10/02/2010

Hi, Just to let you know how very good I think your site is. I was born in Newhaven but left when I got married

I have been away forty odd years, but still come back to see my cousin and every time I do a little piece or some times a large piece of the Newhaven I knew has gone,the only thing I see is the destruction of a lovely little town.

By Vivian Field
On 27/06/2010

As a resident of 12 South Road between the years of 1969 and 1974 at what was a very difficult time in my life, I am very pleased to find this page. It gives me information about the town. I tend to visit from time to time to see my brother in Denton and my best man Alf Ring. I do try to keep in touch but so much has gone on. John Norris now resident in Derbyshire.

By John Norris
On 23/08/2010

This is really a meesage for the gentlman I spoke to about some papers I have on the old Boys School, going back before WW1. I have found them at last, but don't know now how to get them to you as I have been laid up with a broken ankle for 3 months and still unable to walk. If you are still interested, then please get in touch via the editors email address.

By Reigna Mitchell
On 02/10/2010

I was born in Newhaven at 76 Evelyn Ave. I went to Newhaven schools. Has any one got any photos of Tideway school from 1957 onwards? I go back to Newhaven every year to see my family. I moved out of Newhaven in 2002 to live in Ireland. I went to school, I was in Mr Parsons' class. Does any one have any photos? When i go over I see a lot of changes, all the boats have gone. I lived in the valley estate when I had my 3 boys, then moved out to Hampshire, then came back to Newhaven. I had a house up in Fairholme Rd for 17 years. I bought a house at the top of Gibbon Rd but was only there 3 years. I followed my dream, I had always wanted to live in Ireland so I moved there. My sister Ann Raycraft came for holidays with me. Sadly she passed away last December.I miss her so much. Her class is on this school page, with the class with Carol Cole. They were best friends.

I love looking at this site, maybe one day I will see some one in my class. Good luck to you all.

Editor's note: Tideway only came into existence in 1968. Before that it was Newhaven County Secondary School and there are many photos of it, its pupils and teachers on the site. I hope you've found them! Andy, Editor.

By barbara raycraft
On 04/09/2010

I met the gentleman at one of your scanning sessions, and I told him that I had papers on 'The old Boy's school'. I will look out for your next scanning session.



By Reigna Mitchell
On 04/10/2010

I worked at Parker Pen between the late sixties on the buffing machines and would be pleased to hear from anyone l used to live at Rushey Hill Caravan Park my name is Mick Richardson

By M. Richardson
On 01/01/2011

I am looking for anyone who knew Ivy Easton or Ivy Brown. She was born in Newhaven in 1908, she married Frederick O Mayers and died in 1951. Can anyone help please?

By Vicki Blann
On 23/01/2011

My father's sister Beattie May Relf married a Jack (John) Blann and lived at Norton Terrace, Eastside. Her daughter still lives there. Are you related, Vicki?

By Marie Anscomb (nee Relf)
On 26/01/2011

Edward James Blann was born in Norton Terrace (24?). We do not have any info on Jack (John) Blann I'm afraid, but who knows? Anyone?

By Vicki Blann
On 28/01/2011

Vicki, any chance that you could put a year to Edward's birth. Without a date it's difficult to know whether we are looking at a brother, son or father of Jack?

By Marie Anscomb (Relf)
On 11/02/2011

Births registered 4th qtr 1896 Jack BLANN Lewes 2b 196 Marriage registered 3rd qtr 1922 Jack BLANN married Beatrice RELF Newhaven 2b 472 Deaths Registered 4th qtr Dec 1947 Jack BLANN aged 51 Lewes 5h 368. Deaths Registered 2nd qtr 1950 Beatrice M BLANN aged 47 Brighton 5h 142

By R
On 09/05/2011

Claire Hiscott did live in Hillcrest Road and I believe she moved to Switzerland, although I am not certain. She always thought I was scruffy - fine judge of character for one so young.

By paul havard
On 30/04/2012

Dear Editors, I was wondering if you could create an Index A - Z page of all your pages because I am still coming across unexpected and interesting topics quite by accident even when I have typed a keyword into the search box and have no idea how many I still haven't found! Many thanks.

Regrettably Brenda, that is a task which would take forever. Unfortunately you will just have to keep on looking. Good Luck. Editors

By Brenda Hall
On 23/10/2012

A most interesting site. But what of the industrial history of Newhaven? So many factories. I worked at the Parker Pen factory for 6 months in 1960 and it was a great place to work. I was in the Lab with Mr Bell, Chief Ink Chemist (he was the only one!) who was a very kind man and knew everything about ink. I got the job because my mother knew the managing director's wife, Mrs King.

There are pieces on Parker Pen and Fergusons but if anybody has any info on other industries in Newhaven please add it to the website - Carol (Editor).

By Lionel Warnes
On 17/12/2012

Call by every now and then. A great place to reminisce! I can't see any photos of the old lifeboat station. As I remember it was perched on a jetty next to the mud-hole and, when it was launched it seems to almost disappear under the water because the slipway was so steep. If anyone had a picture of the lifeboat launching it would be great to see. Well done to the editors and please keep up the great work.

Take a look in Port and Harbour- Ships and Boats-Lifeboats and you'll find several photos of the Lifeboat House and launches. Andy-Editor

By Tony Kingaby
On 21/03/2013

Just found your web site & was amazed to see photos of pupils at Newhaven Secondary School where I was a pupil 1961- 64. Will be interested to see further photos and see if I recognize anyone.

By Susan Moorman
On 25/10/2013

I too was born in Evelyn Avenue (probably No. 74) in 1944. It was across the road from my grand parents, Alf and Effie Harris, house No. 52. I now live in the small town, 2,000pop, of Grenfell, NSW, Australia with my wife and two cats. 

By David Jones
On 20/12/2013

I hope my english will be as good as possible ( i am french ) ;  i use to work on the newhaven dieppe service since 2004 ,  and do  enjoy  to see pictures about the ferries ( mv dieppe , cote d albatre , seven sisters , et caetera ...)  on the harbour Newhaven pages ,  for exemple . 

also ;  if some one got pictures about the relief rnli lifeboat class watson charles henri ashley ,  may be  in the 89 in newhaven ,  we will be very happy because we saved her in 2012( after sinking due to freeze weather)  in the seine river in Paris ,  and now  very pretty to sail , with plenty originals fittings . 

and at end ,  i should want to get plans for model of this extraordinary construction class watson  .

best regards   ..

patrik calloc'h,  

( If you wish to contact Patrik we can pass on his email to you )


By Calloc'h patrik
On 29/08/2014

Does anyone have any photos of Mr Higgins class 1960-1962 ?

By Christiana Wood
On 23/11/2015


Trying to find if any classmates who are still around, attended from 1959 until 1962 I think.

  Neill Jupp 

By Neill Jupp
On 12/11/2017

Hi Neill I remember you very well and I was at the school at the same time as you. Tom Bonnor

By Tom Bonnor
On 14/12/2017

Hi Tom,

Nice to know some one is still around who remembers me.

Hope you are in good health and still able to get out and about.

I hope you have a good Christmas and a happy new year.


By Neill Jupp
On 15/12/2017

Anyone on this site in Mr Higgins Class in 1960s 

By Christina Wood (Nee Smith)
On 11/02/2018

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