Newhaven boatbuilders

By Brian Urry

Tom Easton is in the middle in the top picture and on the right in Picture 2. It looks very much like one of the Moore brothers in the middle of the second picture. I'm not sure of the other two workers.

Can you put any names to the faces?

Photo:Picture 1.

Picture 1.

Photo:Picture 2.

Picture 2.

This page was added by Brian Urry on 10/04/2016.
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Looks like Catts Cottages in the background, where James and Elizabeth Collington (my Great grandparents) they lived in number 4 from c1885.

In the late 1950's they were knocked into one and were used by at least 3 or 4 businesses before being demolished to make way for the new Denton Island bridge.

By John Hills
On 18/04/2016

Looks very much like Les Simmons on the right in picture 1.

By Bill Simmons
On 15/04/2016

The man on the left in the first photo looks a bit like my father. I know he knew the Lowers as we used to visit their home from time to time, but I did not know he worked for them. I will contact my brother and see what he thinks.

By Terry Howard
On 29/04/2016

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