Down at the Drove - before Sainsburys!

By Colin Parsons

Here are some more photos showing what Charringtons was like back in the days that their warehouse stood at the left of The Drove as you travelled towards Denton Corner.

Photo:Empties Shed

Empties Shed

Photo:Loading Bay

Loading Bay

Photo:Loading Bays

Loading Bays

Photo:The south side of the warehouse

The south side of the warehouse

Photo:Another Charringtons delivery

Another Charringtons delivery

Photo:And a smart looking Worthington truck

And a smart looking Worthington truck

All photos: Colin Parsons

This page was added by Andy Gilbert on 15/11/2015.
Comments about this page

Hi Colin, what a fantastic set of photos, they bring back many happy memories. It was hard graft but we had fun working there. The second to last photo, another Charrington delivery, where was that taken?

I'm hoping these photos will encourage others to contribute to this wonderfull site. Thanks again for adding these photos they are brilliant.

By Stephen Raynsford
On 15/11/2015


The two pictures of the drays were taken when we had moved to Sayers Common. Thought I would sneak them in as they are realvent.

I would love a copy of your DVD you made, if thats possible.

If you give your e-mail to the editor, he can pass it on to me.




 email address passed on to your Colin.

John -- Editor 


By Colin Parsons
On 16/11/2015

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