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By Susan Elmslie

Photo:Old Gasworks East Side 1950 (Click picture to enlarge)

Old Gasworks East Side 1950 (Click picture to enlarge)

My paternal grandmother was Alice Simmons of Newhaven, Sussex.  We left England when I was a child but I remember going with my parents to Newhaven to visit the "old aunties", my grandmother's sisters named May and Win Simmons.

Although I was young I still vividly remember the beautiful landscapes and the smell (which I loved) and could never identify.  My Mum has suggested that it could have been from the old gasworks, and I'd love to know if anyone else knows what I'm remembering!

Also, it seemed to me that the aunties lived in the country on a large piece of property.  It could have just been a big garden, but to a seven-year old it seemed huge.  Does anyone know where that might have been?

Any information would be much appreciated.  Thank you from Canada.


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Hello Susan, how nice, we are second cousins - your grandmother was my ‘Auntie Lal’ ! I am one of her sister Win’s grandchildren and my father was Edgar Vinall. The large property you remember was their 2 allotments off Lewes Road, which has been a housing estate since about 1960, but I and others have put pictures and memories of it on this site (if you search Val Vinall or Allotments in the valley you will see them). My Nan Win, her husband Frank and her sister Lou lived just across the road from the allotments in Lewes Road. By coincidence I have just started researching our ancestors in Canada & US records as several Vinall, Woolgars and Simmons went there, many more than I realised. You must be the daughter of John? I have asked the website holders to share my email with you as I have lots of info, photos, and the similar memories of a lovely place... very best wishes, Val

Your email address has been sent to Susan as you requested.  

John   -   Editor

By Val Lidster (nee Vinall)
On 01/11/2020

Hi, I have a relative that was the manager of the Gas Works in 1851 (as per the census).  His name was John Bates born in Hamsey 1791, his wife (Elizabeth Bates) was the sister of my Grandfather x4 (William King).  I have always hoped there would be a book about the old Lewes gas works.  Please let me know if you are aware of one, I would be very grateful.

Many thanks

Carolyn Barnes

By Carolyn Barnes
On 25/04/2024

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