Photo:Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship

Raymond Wilkes

Photo:The Ghost Ship

The Ghost Ship

Raymond Wilkes

Photo:Ghost Ship during the Day

Ghost Ship during the Day

Raymond Wilkes

Photo:Low Tide at the Ghost Ship

Low Tide at the Ghost Ship

Raymond Wilkes

A walk round the docks

By Raymond Wilkes

On my many trips to Newhaven, "The town I love so Well" I often spend hours walking round the docks & marina, whilst the marina for me does not hold that magic the Docks do. There is one particular ship I took pictures of a couple of years ago which I nicknamed the Ghost Ship. It was very early in the morning and I was waiting for the 9.30 Boat to Dieppe. I crossed the bridge by the Bridge Pub, and there it was, this boat that looked like a wreck on dry land. It was low tide that morning, which added to the magic. I would love to know more about it, and if any one actually lives on it. I took a load of pictures of it and returned a year later and took more pictures of it. But the pictures in the dim early morning light made it seem more ghost-like to me. If any one knows the story of the ship could you let me know please.

This house boat has been here for many years. Does anyone know its history? Andy-Editor.

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Moored in backwater by Denton Island
By Tom Baker

Richard - Editor

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This boat is called the Roda B and was owned by Trevor Frankling.

There was another boat next to it called the Paragon M, which was previously owned by Richard Stilgoe (TV Personality)

By Paul
On 11/12/2017

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