Things have not worked out.

By Celia Malfroot

From being "Newhaven's Jewel in the Crown", an old Newhaven mayors' words, where couples came from St Michaels Church to have their wedding photos taken on a very regular basis, to this.

So clever that the twelve duckling hatched this year soon became none, all the Moorhen chicks met the same outcome. The pond surrounds being in such a disgraceful state it allows the cats and foxes to have easy pickings.

The areas sown with wild flower seeds have turned into a complete failure. The long grass is wet with dew or rain and dog walkers get soaked if going to the dog bin, the paths are supposed to be a metre wide.

Photo:Spring 2014

Spring 2014

Photo:June 2014

June 2014

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'VALLEY PONDS PLUS CONSERVATION MEASURES' page
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Sad to see them like this. When my daughter was very small, one of her favourite treats was for her Grandad to take her down to the ponds to watch the ducks swimming around.

By Andy Gilbert
On 06/07/2014

When I worked for Newhaven Town Council, the Council could never make their mind up with what to do with the ponds in Valley Road, they would call in so called expert's and conservationist's etc and none of them could agree on how or what to do with the ponds. It was at one point to let everything grow over, then it was cut everything back to the water level, leave the tree's that fell down, then it was clear it all away, I could go on for hour's but won't. The best thing the Council or whoever run' it is to cut them back to the water level and let people see the wild life and enjoy it.

By Donald Waller
On 19/08/2014

Early in October they mowed the long grass and minced up dozens of frogs and toads. It's left long for the wildlife? They told us in the spring that they could only find seven toads. What a disgrace from those who are supposed to know about our environment.

By Celia Malfroot
On 26/10/2015

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