Musician of the 1950/60's

By Maureen Palser


This is a picture of my brother, Albert Mockford, playing his guitar. It was taken around the late 1950s. From left to right, I think:

Ernie Pooley, Don King, ??, Albert Mockford.

Photo:Band of the 1950's ?

Band of the 1950's ?

The second picture was taken at Beachy Head Hotel in Eastbourne - it was a Charity Ball. From left to right:-

Jack Ives (his band), unknown saxophone player, Albert Mockford (double bass), unknown drummer.

Photo:Jack Ives band

Jack Ives band


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l am sure that second from the left is Bernard Kingswood.T8

By Colin Holden
On 11/11/2017

Hi, I am an architect student currently at university of Brighton, we are doing a project for Newhaven an commemorate the lives of people who have lived in Newhaven, England.

Albert's life has catch my attention as he seems a very interesting person, therefore I would like to know more about him so I could base my project in his life , if someone could please provide me or help me to find more about his history , would be much appreciated. 


if someone can help me please contact me through email: 

email address removed see website rules.

Thank you in advance to anyone that can help me , have a good day 

If anyone would like to help Camilla in her quest we can pass on her contact details.

John  --  Editor

By Camilla Moreno
On 29/10/2021

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