Pictured c1993. Does anybody recognise themselves?

By Stephen Raynsford

Some of the photos were taken by me in the office canteen before we all went our own separate ways.

Some names have been added under each relevant picture, can you add any names to the faces.     

John - Editor 5/11/2015

Photo:1. The main entrance to Charringtons

1. The main entrance to Charringtons

All photos: Stephen Raynsford





Photo:4. Storage area

4. Storage area

Photo:5. Storage area

5. Storage area



Photo:7. Can you put names to these faces ?

7. Can you put names to these faces ?

Photo:8. Can you put names to these faces ?

8. Can you put names to these faces ?

Photo:9. ? , ? , Steve Kent

9. ? , ? , Steve Kent

Photo:10. Can you put names to these faces ?

10. Can you put names to these faces ?

Photo:11. Can you put names to these faces ?

11. Can you put names to these faces ?

Photo:12. ? , ? , Clive Piveteau, ?

12. ? , ? , Clive Piveteau, ?

Photo:13. Clive Piveteau, Keith Robbins, Bill Halls.

13. Clive Piveteau, Keith Robbins, Bill Halls.

Photo:14. Can you put names to these faces ?

14. Can you put names to these faces ?

Photo:15. Can you put name to the face ?

15. Can you put name to the face ?

Photo:16. Bill Halls, Richard Pett

16. Bill Halls, Richard Pett

Photo:17. ? , ? , Richard Pett

17. ? , ? , Richard Pett

Photo:18. Can you put names to these faces ?

18. Can you put names to these faces ?

Photo:19. Can you put a name to the face ?

19. Can you put a name to the face ?

Photo:20. Clive Piveteau

20. Clive Piveteau

Photo:21.  ? ; Steve Kent

21. ? ; Steve Kent

Photo:22. Can you put names to these faces ?

22. Can you put names to these faces ?

Photo:23. Can you put a name to the face ?

23. Can you put a name to the face ?

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Bass Charrington was built in 1964 on the site of the "Wheatley" bungalows.

I first joined Charrington in 1974 as a pre-loader for six months  loading the lorries ready for deliveries the next day, the loading crew worked in pairs. You would go up to the office to get the delivery papers and then load the trailer, bottled beer first then the barrelled beer, wine and spirits last, finally when the tarpaulin was secured on the loaded trailer, John Westgate ( the shunter ) would take the loaded trailer outside ready to be picked up by the delivery crew the next day. We did this all day until the empty trailers were ready and loaded. After the 6 months I was laid off, but the following year re-employed full time in the warehouse working there for 9 years, then I applied to go on transport delivering the beer to the customers which I did for a further 9 years.

The best job I ever had.

By Stephen Raynsford
On 30/10/2015

I too worked at Charringtons from 1989 unril 1993 until the depot closure, I then went on to the Sayers Common depot until 1998. what a brilliant job, it was hard graft but brilliant pay and a great bunch of blokes and some lasting memories.

I can add names to the pics.

No7 Pete Bowers-Jim McGrath -Steve Raynsford

No8 Mick Hood-Keith Wood

No9 Jim Russell-John Bull-Steve Kent

No11 Jim Russell-Jon Aldridge-Ian Moore-Bob Morris(Mario)

No12 Ken Warren(Top Hat)-Barry Pratt-?-?

No14 Keith Robbins-?-Dave Smith

No21 Jim McGrath & Steve Kent(Leroy)

No22 Jon Aldridge & Me Colin Parsons


I have some more pictures of my own if you are interested in adding them

Let me know what e-mail address to send them to and I will happily do so.

Happy days



By Colin Parsons
On 06/11/2015

Hi Colin.Yes they were happy days Col. It was a sad day for every one to tell you the truth. I still miss it, but you cant live in the past. I'm so thrilled to hear from you Colin. Steve

Personal email addresses are never shown on site, Steve. I've passed it on to Colin directly. Andy - Editor

By Stephen Raynsford
On 07/11/2015


Good to hear from you, I hope you are well. I have sent some pictures to Andrew Gilbert for uploading, so keep an eye out for them.


By Colin Parsons
On 13/11/2015

Thanks for your comment Colin, regarding your photos, can't wait to see them. Do you keep in touch with John Aldridge at all or anybody else. I've have a dvd I made in 1993 just after our last get togeather. It's when you and John and the other crews were waiting for the gates to open. At the time beer was still being delivered from Newhaven, before you all went to Sayers Common. It shows Dennis Parks arriving on his motor bike, Its quite funny. Also there is some footage I took with my camcorder of the empty building before demolition.

NB. Sorry Steve we do not publish email adresses on the website, but if Colin wishes we can pass his email address on to you.

John -- Editor.

I've created a new page for Colin's photos, as they'd make this page a bit too long. Andy-Editor

By Stephen Raynsford
On 13/11/2015

The man stood side on with Richard Pett in picture 17 is I believe Pete Gillman? He wasn't very nice to me when I worked with him as a teenager + during my 7 years at Concord Lighting. No hard feelings though Pete. 

By Mr T
On 19/02/2017

Hi, picture 15 is Roy Watkins and picture 12 far right is also Roy Watkins.

kind regards

Justine Swann

By Justine Swann
On 02/03/2017

Photo number 17 is Pete Francis ( Security )

By Pete Francis
On 12/05/2017

Know the faces...but the memory is a bit dodgy now...I was the regional steward for Newhaven for a short time. after Keith Owen [Canterbury] left. nice crowd of men.. My job was on trunking....

By John Nightingill
On 08/10/2017

My dad Bob Daniels worked at Charringtons from 1973-1989 he then became the landlord of The Engineer pub  in Newhaven and is still here now 28 years on. 

Picture 10 and 23 is Peter Clark (Nobby). He recognises other faces but unable to put names to them.

By Kerri Daniels
On 27/10/2017

How is your dad doing Kerri; your dad must remember my name Steve, nickname Muppet. It would be brilliant to have a reunion and see all the lads again. I first met your dad when he worked at Atlas Express in Newhaven where my brother Barry worked in the offices. I worked there for a while packing the lorries for delivery please say hello to Bob for me.

All the best Steve.

By Stephen Raynsford
On 31/10/2017

Hello I was just looking through my dad's old work at Bass Charringtons and just wondered if anyone remembers him.... John Game my dad?

Many thanks.

By Joanne Allnutt nee (Game)
On 06/10/2020

The guy holding the pint glass in picture 7 is my step dad Peter Bowers also my Mum Lisa Drake worked in the Admin department at the same time.

By Nick Drake
On 09/03/2022

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