November 2015

Richard Beckett

R LOWER & SONS (View page) I have just bought my second Lower boat this one is called my Alison and my last one was called my Ronda. Stuart James 01/12/2015

LIFEBOAT - LOUIS MARCHESI OF ROUND TABLE No. 44 019 (View page) Interesting comment about the radio recordings John. I have a couple somewhere of this boat the Louis Marchesi. Rob Patten 28/11/2015

BRIDGE ST / HIGH ST - AT NIGHT (View page) What a surprise to see your name Jacquie, so sorry about Jack. The Bridge Inn is still there but I'm afraid the whole town has changed. Norma Ingram/Nee Stone 25/11/2015

THE DROVE, 1962 (View page) Yes, the middle one of the three daughter's of Bernard Wheatley did have TB and there was a chalet in the garden for her. Norma Ingram/Nee Stone 25/11/2015

FANCY DRESS - c1950 (View page) On the assumption that the portly figure, second from left with the uke is Dale White I can add the following.   Albert 'John' Hallett 24/11/2015

LIFEBOAT - LOUIS MARCHESI OF ROUND TABLE No. 44 019 (View page) Being born and bred in Newhaven, Gibbon Road, moved to Manchester to serve my time as an aero apprentice at Avros Albert 'John' Hallett 23/11/2015

VIEW OF NORTH QUAY FROM DENTON ISLAND (View page) The wooden shed was also a rifle club at one time. Celia Malfroot 23/11/2015

CONTACT US & GETTING INVOLVED! (View page) Does anyone have any photos of Mr Higgins class 1960-1962? Christiana Wood 23/11/2015

RON WOOLAWAY (View page) One of the cranes loading the Ron Woolaway is a Neil unit crawler crane very very rare Jamie Hartley 22/11/2015

THE DROVE, 1962 (View page) It is so lovely to see these beautiful gardens again, it was always a treat to walk up from Eastside and see them in full bloom each summer Janet Finn 21/11/2015

NEWHAVEN TOWN STATION (View page) Nice to see this old picture!  From 1949 to 1956 I travelled from school in Lewes to Newhaven, every weekday, Tony Evans 19/11/2015

MORE CHARRINGTONS PHOTOS (View page) Steve, The two pictures of the drays were taken when we had moved to Sayers Common. Colin Parsons 16/11/2015

MORE CHARRINGTONS PHOTOS (View page) Hi Colin, what a fantastic set of photos, they bring back many happy memories. It was hard graft but we had fun working there. Stephen Raynsford 15/11/2015

HORACE HORSECRAFT'S CONCERTS IN NEWHAVEN (View page) Second picture down far left. I'm sure it was Derek Boswell.Tony Walter 15/11/2015


BASS CHARRINGTON (View page) Thanks for your comment Colin, regarding your photos, can't wait to see them. Stephen Raynsford 13/11/2015

BASS CHARRINGTON (View page) Steve, Good to hear from you, I hope you are well. I have sent some pictures to Andrew Gilbert for uploading, so keep an eye out for them. Colin Parsons 13/11/2015

PARKER PEN COMPANY (View page) I have a 1928 hallmarked silver Valentine safety pen. How does this fit into early history? Jeffery 12/11/2015

LIST OF BUILDINGS OF SPECIAL ARCHITECTURAL OR HISTORIC INTEREST (View page) Is the Flour Mill mentioned, behind Devereux's. If so, my father Fred Bishop started his cabinet business in that building. Bishop 11/11/2015

A BOY GOES TO WAR (View page) Came across this site when looking up information on 342 Squadron.  Interesting to see in the photo of lost comrades, a picture of my husband's uncle Roger Boissieux. Pat Boissieux 11/11/2015

SIGNATURES OF PEOPLE FROM NEWHAVEN FAMILIES - 1880s / 1890s (View page) Leghorn Villa - my guess is that it refers to the property at 58 Fort Road.  11/11/2015

LIST OF BUILDINGS OF SPECIAL ARCHITECTURAL OR HISTORIC INTEREST (View page) Number 5 Chapel Street, Newhaven, has spent a lot of its life as a butchers' shop.  Reg Towner 09/11/2015

BASS CHARRINGTON (View page) Hi Colin. Yes they were happy days it was a sad day for every one to tell you the truth. I still miss it, but you cant live in the past Stephen Raynsford 07/11/2015

BASS CHARRINGTON (View page) I too worked at Charringtons from 1989 -1993 until the depot closure, I then went on to the Sayers Common depot until 1998. Colin Parsons 06/11/2015

SIDNEY GRAVETT (View page) Pauline, I remember my mother used to take my brother and I to visit your mother in Rose Walk Close.  She is Peggy Eager and is now 95. Carol Walton. 05/11/2015

SHOPS (View page) My wife Sue worked at C & E Sports at both their shops in Newhaven and Seaford. Ernest and Colin were lovely people to work for. Gary Curtis 04/11/2015

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