July 2016

By Richard Beckett

TUG MEECHING MODELS (View page) "Nice model of the Meeching, Don Waller 29/07/2016

A 2016 'FULL HOUSE' (View page) "As with so many things it's still 'in the planning stage'. Andy Gilbert 29/07/2016

A 2016 'FULL HOUSE' (View page) "Hi Andy, is the harbour expansion still going ahead Rob Patten 29/07/2016

A BOY GOES TO WAR (View page) "Great Story MY father was in 342 as well.. JM Carroll 29/07/2016

NEWHAVEN CRICKET CLUB (View page) "My Dad Alan Bannister annoyed people by wearing coloured jumpers Anne Dunstall 29/07/2016

7 LEE COTTAGES ROBINSON ROAD (View page) just wondering if that was the home of "Mr. Orlando". John Simmons 22/07/2016

S.S. FALAISE (View page) "Not sure of my age but went to France, via Newhaven/Dieppe" Mike Birch 21/07/2016

NEWHAVEN SECONDARY SCHOOL TEACHERS (View page) I've just heard Peter Britten died Andy Gilbert 15/07/2016

DOWN'S HOSPITAL (View page) "I would like a copy of this book if possible? Angela Kingsbury 15/07/2016

WEST BEACH (View page) regarding the ownership of the west beach. A John Hallett: 09/07/2016

MORE 1950's CALLERS AT NORTH QUAY (View page) to Ron Herriott, Engineer's name was Hutchings Henry Edmunds 09/07/2016

WHERE WE USED TO PLAY (View page) "Having moved to Newhaven  in 1960 Richard Beckett 08/07/2016

THE NEWHAVEN-DIEPPE CAR FERRY SERVICE (View page) in 1964 as a Swans courier Chris Doyle 05/07/2016

BANANA BOATS (View page) "A fine selection of photos of ships long gone. Derek Longly 02/07/2016

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