November 2016

By Richard Beckett

SS BRIGHTON IN DIEPPE (View page) 1903 Brighton built by Dennys of Dumbarton. Andy Gilbert

BRITISH RAIL FOOTBALL TEAM (View page) Hi Jacqueline. 52 years since we moved in. John Hills

BANANA BOATS (View page) No record of Geestline ships to Newhaven. Stephen Morris

BRITISH RAIL FOOTBALL TEAM (View page) Hello John. Glad my comments were published. Jacqueline Patten

WAR EFFORT (View page) My brother Bernard married Ivy Dunstall so related to Gray Dunstall. John Winter

TIDEWAY 4TH YEAR CLASS OF '67 (View page) Get together 2017. ? Interested contact via this site Janet Baker

TIDEWAY 4TH YEAR CLASS OF '67 (View page) 50 year anniversary reunion next year. Anyone interested?. Eric Forbes 

DAWN APPROACH (View page) I worked on Dawn Approach 1979 as a joiner. William Spraggs 

NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL (View page) This photo brings back many memories. Malcolm Jones 

WAR EFFORT (View page) Ginger Chant 's mother was my aunt Dolly making Ginger a first cousin. John Winter 

RADIO FACTORY ON DENTON ISLAND (View page) I worked with these guys as an apprentice. Adam Worsfold. 

NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL PART 2 (View page) I am on Mrs Marchant's left. Jacqueline Patten 

BRITISH RAIL FOOTBALL TEAM (View page) The lady is me as Miss Newhaven. Jacqueline Patten 

CEMETERY AND ISOLATION HOSPITAL - 1902 (View page) I was Newhaven Cemetery Foreman  in the 90s. Don Waller 

NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL PART 2 (View page) sitting left to right Janet & Jill Byrne, Jacqueline Patten 

BANANA BOATS (View page) Great photos of Fyffes ships, I sailed on several of these ships. Colin Green 

R.A.F. AIR SEA RESCUE (ASR), (View page) My husband Christopher was at 1107 MCU 1956- 57  Wendy Morgan. 

NORTH QUAY SHIPS 1950's (View page) My Father Jock was Mate on the tugs . William Still 

NORTH QUAY SHIPS IN THE 1950's (View page) In the mid 1950s I was the Mate on the Eildon. Henry Edmunds

SOMEONE'S BIRTHDAY PARTY? (View page) Second from left front row might be Derek White (Whyte)? Doug Hall 

SOMEONE'S BIRTHDAY PARTY? (View page) Third from top right is me, Doreen Wood (now.Doreen Bolton)

ANOTHER TIDEWAY MEMORY (View page) 1969 or 70 Tideway exchanged with Realschule Bad Sachsa. Cord Rehren

NEWHAVEN CENTENARIAN (View page) Peter's 100th birthday was Tuesday 1st November 2016. Reg Towner 

NEWHAVEN CONVENT (View page) `Highfure` House Billingsurst, was built by my Wife's Grandfathather. Stephen Gover 

SHE WAS PART OF OUR FAMILY (View page) Bottom right may be my grandfather, my name sake, John Winter.

SHE WAS PART OF OUR FAMILY (View page) Dad Stanley Winter struck by the mast which smashed his jaw John Winter 

SHE WAS PART OF OUR FAMILY (View page) Second row second is my father Stanley Winter. John Winter

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