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Richard Beckett

RAILWAY LINE CELEBRATIONS (View page)"In the first picture there can be seen a crew member, fireman or driver leaning out and he appears to be facing the front of the engine. If ..." Colin Brandon 29/09/2014

TELEVISION RECEPTION IN NEWHAVEN - 1960s TO THE PRESENT DAY (View page)"Thanks Andy, when I wrote the piece it occurred to me that it might have been Brighton but it was a long time ago. I have to admit at the ti..." Terry Howard 28/09/2014

RAILWAY LINE CELEBRATIONS (View page) "John is wrong, the locomotive was pulling the train which was on it's way to Seaford.  I know because I took the pho..."

Terry Walton 28/09/2014 MRS WARNES' SHOP AND THE SHIP HOTEL (View page) "Hi Carol, yes I remember you very well, our mothers were great friends for many years.  They were known in our family as 'Gert &..." Terry Walton 28/09/2014

TELEVISION RECEPTION IN NEWHAVEN - 1960s TO THE PRESENT DAY (View page) "I spoke to Maurice when preparing this page. He kindly checked and told me that he didn't work on the Newhaven site, but on the one over..." Andy Gilbert 28/09/2014

TELEVISION RECEPTION IN NEWHAVEN - 1960s TO THE PRESENT DAY (View page) "I wonder if this was the place I worked at as an apprentice. I went with one of the other carpenters Maurice Balcombe to work on the buildin..." Terry Howard 25/09/2014

EASTSIDE MEMORIES 2 (View page) "That is my grandad - Fred Richardson - as the bride in the second photo.  I hadn't seen this previously but I was aware that he lik..." Marie Harvey (nee Hills) 24/09/2014

LADY LEWISHAM (View page) "I remember going to the Mothering Sunday Service and meeting Lady Lewisham.  She was magical to us young girls - most beautiful and cha..." Marie Harvey (nee Hills) 23/09/2014

RUSS CONWAY - NEWHAVEN FETE EARLY 1960s (View page) "I remember Russ's visit.  In fact I still have his autograph from that day.  He was a good looking chap I must say." Marie Harvey (nee Hills) 23/09/2014 

MORE FROM NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL (View page) "I well remember Mr Higgs.  Geography teacher.   I didn't do too well in his  class but I recall that one day the class were abo..." Marie Harvey 22/09/2014

MEECHING JUNIOR SCHOOL TEACHERS (View page) "I remember Miss Wheatley lived in a lovely bungalow just down Fort Road.  Lunchtimes my friends and I would hang around outside her gar..." Marie Harvey 22/09/2014

MEECHING JUNIOR SCHOOL TEACHERS (View page) "I remember Alan Denyer well.  He taught science and maths and was such an excellent teacher.  He made his lessons interesting and ..." Marie Harvey 22/09/2014

FREEMAN HARDY & WILLIS (View page) "I well remember frequenting this shop.  I loved shoes and when I started work I would be in FH & W buying my winkle pickers - which..." Marie Harvey 22/09/2014

BRIDGE STREET - 1913 / 2009 (View page) "I remember the Co-op so vividly.  Even now, nearly 60 years later, I cannot forget my mum's Co-op number - which had to be used for..." Marie Harvey 22/09/2014

AMY'S GARAGE - 1910 (View page) "I grew up in Newhaven in the 1950s/60s.  I lived in Saxon Road and whenever I walked down the town, I would always go round behind the ..." Marie Harvey 22/09/2014

HORSCRAFT FAMILY PHOTOS (View page) "My mum and dad lived in Newhaven for most of their lives - Hazel and Wilf Hills.  My gran, Daisy Richardson, lived with them for too ma..." Marie Harvey (nee Hills) 22/09/2014

TIDEWAY SCHOOL (View page) "I saw Mr Nick Clark, at his doctor's in Lewes, the day before he sadly passed away.  I was having a medical for a jo..."

Don Waller 19/09/2014 MY CONNECTION WITH SOME OLD NEWHAVEN FAMILIES (View page) "Thank you for posting this story about your family. I believe we share a common ancestor, John Winder born in 1775. John, who was married to..." Carol Winder Yelton 15/09/2014

JACK PATTEN (View page) "Sorry to see your comments Rob of the not so good health of your father and Brian. Is Laurie's wife the young lady I remember who lived ..." Dave Brady 13/09/2014

LOCO WORKSHOPS - 2 (View page) "Hi Rob, yes it is the beginning of general tidying up of the area. After the Loco sheds have been removed I understand that the Cast Iron co..." Richard Beckett 13/09/2014

LOCO WORKSHOPS - 2 (View page) "Please excuse my ignorance, but is this demolition all part of the new college that I understand is going to be based around the old Marine ..." Rob Patten 13/09/2014

ST MICHAEL'S CHURCH (View page) "In the second picture from the top (dated: 1900) there is no sign of the Lychgate. Surely it's as old as that." Doug Hall 12/09/2014

TIDEMILLS STATION (View page) "Karen could ask Kevin Gordon of Seaford Martello Tower Museum as he does guided tours of Tide Mills." Brenda Hall 09/09/2014

TIDEWAY SCHOOL - 1981 (View page) "Yup, that's definitely Glen in the red jumper. " Noele 07/09/2014

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