December 2014

By Richard Beckett

POLICE STATION (View page) "I worked as a GPO telephonist in the local exchange and one my jobs was to test the telephone lines to the police station at 8am each mornin..."Shirley Harrop  nee Clear 31/12/2014

NORTH QUAY CRANES (View page)"Alan, you would have been working for Faber Prest at the end of your working days, before that it was Southern Port Services. Do you recall ..."R C 30/12/2014

M.V. WALTER RICHTER (View page) "I remember Aubrey Durham very well, he was a great man and set me straight a fair few times. I was allowed to run his pilot cutter when they..." R C 29/12/2014

CON ZELO (View page) "I was fortunate to spend a few years working alongside Eddie Boulton, Ruth, and Peter Hornsby in the North Quay offices of Southern Port Ser..." R C 29/12/2014                                        A

PHOTOGRAPHER'S VIEW OF THE HARBOUR (View page) "Fourth picture down, the ship between the two ferries, can anyone recall the name or what she did? I seem to recall some kind of air of secr..." R C 30/12/2014

WALTER RICHTER (View page)"She sailed on becoming the 'Waterdale' (UK Flag) in 1972 then 'Sandy' (Antigua Flag) and laid up 2014 in the Caribbean."Ian Wallis 23/12/2014

WALTER RICHTER (View page)"Thanks for posting the video on Youtube, John, and for the link to it here. Brings back memories, I can remember looking at the sight from T..."Andy Gilbert 14/12/2014

HARBOUR ENTRANCE - 1960 / 1990 (View page)"On the older picture, what is the reccessed area in the foreground for ? Later that becomes the forecourt for parking in the garages of..."Kev Sanders 04/12/2014

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