March 2015

NEWHAVEN CARNIVAL (View page) "The girl on the far right is Rachel Shephard. Who finally got married on Saturday 28th March. Tashamac 31/03/2015

NEWHAVEN CARNIVAL (View page) "Further thinking - I think it's Rowan Thomas. I think her mum is called Alison."Jayne Hood 28/03/2015

NEWHAVEN CARNIVAL (View page) "Hi. That's not me on the left. I think it could be Alison Thomas." Jayne Hood 27/03/2015

CHAPEL STREET - c1910 to c1960 (View page) "I remember "Uncle Bill" from the pub in Chapel Street and Del White. Margaret Moore 27/03/2015

THE ROYAL OAK - PIDDINGHOE (View page) "This was a really great pub in the 1960's and early 70's. Ernie Robinson 27/03/2015

TIDEWAY SCHOOL - June 1977 (View page) "Wow, talk about blast from the past. David Parsons 19/03/2015

HORSCRAFT FAMILY PHOTOS (View page) "I remember Horace, Viv and Andy Horsecraft. Dave Robbins 18/03/2015

SCHOOLS CLASS STEAM LOCO "BRIGHTON" (View page) "30915 or 30922..... There was always a standby loco, which would have been prepared to the same standards. Mike Mundy 17/03/2015

SAXONHOLME (View page)"I wonder was the afore mentioned 'archaeological work' ever carried out before the new building commenced? Rob Patten 17/03/2015

RAF AIR-SEA RESCUE UNIT NEWHAVEN (View page) "My father is Geoff James. He was on ASR 1956/57 Phil James 15/03/2015

MICHAEL CAWTE - MORE MEMORIES OF A SMALL BOY LIVING IN NEWHAVEN (View page) "Hello John West. Girlie was my mother. michael Cawte 15/03/2015

RON WOOLAWAY (View page) "She appeared briefly docked in Amsterdam I believe in the film 'Puppet on a Chain' Anthony edgecombe 15/03/2015

PADDLE STEAMER 'FRESHWATER' AND THE TUG 'TIDWORTH' (View page) "And just to tidy up my post from 2009(!), Andy Gilbert 09/03/2015

RAF AIR-SEA RESCUE UNIT NEWHAVEN (View page) "My father in law was a member of the Newhaven ASR Unit from 1942. Meredith Evans 08/03/2015

R.A.F. AIR SEA RESCUE (ASR), MARINE CRAFT SECTION (MCS Unit 1107) (View page) "It has been a time since I checked the website, good to see Sam Samuels comments,  Bob Kidd 07/03/2015

PADDLE STEAMER 'FRESHWATER' AND THE TUG 'TIDWORTH' (View page) "DG, I think you may be confusing Freshwater with Freshspring. Stephen Attenborough 07/03/2015

GRAYS INFANTS (View page) "Front row: 2 Peter Seymour; 3 David Golby; by Tracey Nolan 06/03/2015

LEN PATTEN (View page) "Thank you, and yes, of course he spent a number of years with TS Defiance Rob Patten 06/03/2015

7 LEE COTTAGES ROBINSON ROAD (View page) "Hi, I have a question from a friend of mine Heather McLean 06/03/2015

CRYSTAL JEWEL (View page) "There were rumours at the time that "looting from the ship" Ian Bishop 06/03/2015

FLOODING AT ROBINSON ROAD (View page) "I have a question on behalf of a friend of mine. Heather McLean 05/03/2015

SOUTHDOWN SCHOOL (View page) "I remember some in this photo, Mark Smales 05/03/2015

MRS WARNES' SHOP AND THE SHIP HOTEL (View page) "Lionel Warnes I wonder did you have a sister? By valerie burton 05/03/2015

CRYSTAL JEWEL (View page) "I was an apprentice deck officer on the 'jewel'. Michael Balchin 05/03/2015

CRYSTAL JEWEL (View page) "My brother Michael Balchin was on that ship. Susan 05/03/2015

PHOTOS OF NEWHAVEN AREA (View page) "Welcome to Our Newhaven. Andy-Editor" 03/03/2015

TIDEWAY 4TH YEAR CLASS OF '67 (View page) " I went to Newhaven Secondary Modern until December 1965. Michael Player 02/03/2015

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