April 2017

By Richard Beckett

GRANNY SAVAGE & GEORGE MITCHELL'S FAMILY (View page) re my last post George Mitchell, sorry, but I'm not sure if his name was George Mick Matthews. 25/04/2017

GRANNY SAVAGE & GEORGE MITCHELL'S FAMILY (View page) I lodged at the Mitchells house at 36 South Road. Mick Matthews. 25/04/2017

SPITFIRE CRASH (View page) We are still very interested to hear if anyone has any photographs of this spitfire. Carol Walton. 24/04/2017

MRS BURGESS, ELPHICK ROAD (View page) I Remember Jack Nutleys Cafe. Spent many an evening in there. I had an Enfield, William Still 22/04/2017

MRS BURGESS, ELPHICK ROAD (View page) I remember the cafe in Elphick road, we used to call it the Sweat Box. Bryan Greenfield 20/04/2017

DANCE CLASS (View page) Hi Christina I can remember going to your nan to be measured for dancing costumes. Carole Knott 17/04/2017

MRS BURGESS, ELPHICK ROAD (View page) Can anyone remember the cafe on Elphick Road run by Jack Nutley. Carole Knott (nee Wilkinson) 17/04/2017

FREIGHTERS (View page) I was one of the engineers on the Rockhampton Star when we ran aground across the harbour. Paul Mickleburgh 16/04/2017

MRS BURGESS, ELPHICK ROAD (View page) I was born at number 6 Elphick Road. Christina Butler (nee Lynch) 16/04/2017

DANCE CLASS (View page) I am Barbara Lynch's (Ebbs) sister and I have a photo and I think she has as well. Christina Butler (nee Lynch) 16/04/2017

NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL (View page) Nina Grove was my English teacher and she instilled a love of English. Lesley Flowers (nee Firmin) 16/04/2017

SOUTHSEA (View page) The third photo predates the top two. She was shifted Railway Quay up to the location outside the Marine Workshop. Andy Gilbert. 14/04/2017

THE HIGHS AND LOWS OF THE PORT AND PASSENGER FERRY (View page) I found a description of the Newhaven to Dieppe crossing in the early days of steam by Jacob Abbot. Philippe Rouyer 10/04/2017

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