Arrival of a sail-powered cargo ship.

By Andy Gilbert


On Saturday 6th July, the sailing vessel "De Gallant" arrived off Newhaven, ready to enter harbour the following day. Sorry for the delay in publishing this - we've been waiting on permission to use the photos.

Photo:De Gallant arrives off the Breakwater

De Gallant arrives off the Breakwater

Paula Jackson on "We love Newhaven pictures" Facebook Group

Sailing vessels of one form or another arrive and depart regularly, of course, but this was something special, as "De Gallant" was carrying cargo! I think we'd have to scour the records at Newhaven Museum for the last time a sail-powered cargo vessel arrived at the port! Probably one of the small sailing barges that used to serve the Asham Cement Works.

Photo:De Gallant

De Gallant

© Sail Boat Project

To quote from the Sail Boat Project's website: "Sail cargo in a nutshell: Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced by the Reigado family and Azeite Caixeiro in Portugal, found by olive sommeliers Passeite, brokered by New Dawn Traders, shipped to Newhaven by the Blue Schooner Company via the French Isle of Noirmoutier to collect Fleur de Sel, and sailed to Newhaven."

My grateful thanks to the Sail Boat Project and to Paula Jackson for allowing me to use their photos.

More details on the Sail Boat Project can be found here:


Photo:A view from the mast!

A view from the mast!

© Sail Boat Project

Photo:At the wheel off Newhaven

At the wheel off Newhaven

© Sail Boat Project

Photo:De Gallant alongside at the Marina.

De Gallant alongside at the Marina.

Robert Horscraft on "We love Newhaven pictures" Facebook Group

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