Team photo / Gasholder

By Laurie Stonehouse

The following photograph was taken in the late 1950's, it shows a team picture of Eastside Rovers, a selection of players names include - Bimbo "Smart", Eddie Parris, Keith Holder and Bob Stonehouse.  Can you name the rest?  In the background is the massive Gasholder, Kendal Court now stands here, out of view behind this would have been the gasworks building which is now demolished.

Photo:Eastside Rovers c1959 / Gasholder

Eastside Rovers c1959 / Gasholder

Private collection of J K Stonehouse

This page was added by Laurie Stonehouse on 02/03/2009.
Comments about this page

Think the person on the left standing could be Dave (The Scythe) Farley. Now you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of this guy ! He even looks angry in this photo ! Glad I played in the same team as Dave when we both were at Newhaven Olympics. This was the name of the team that took over from the old East Side Rovers in the 60's. We played at East Side Rec. and I think Don Winder used to look after the teams. Could it be Harold Napper next to Keith Holder in the front row ? and I think the second from the right in the front row could be Peter Willey

By Paul Blackman
On 02/03/2009

Yes, that's Dave Farley, he could break your leg just looking at you. Keith Holder is bottom left then Harold Napper. I worked with Dave and went to school with the other two.I played with Dave for Seaford a few times.

By Terry Howard
On 23/02/2010

My Dad (Mick Willey) who isn't online is really interested in the photos and stories on this website. He can name most of the people in this photo: back L-R Dave Farley, Dave Saunders,?, Eddie Parris, Bimbo Smart, Bob Stonehouse, Bunny Owen. Front L-R Keith Holder, Harold Napper, Mick Willey, Johnny Hornet

By Keith Willey
On 29/10/2010

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