The tug's crew in the 1930s

By Paul Blackman

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'FOREMOST 22 CREW' page

Came across this photo in the family album which relates to a recent addition on the Site concerning the Tug 'Foremost 22'.

My Grandfather is Alf Blackman who is on the left in the photo which says he's the fireman and although it's not good quality I can see other names which I can identify as follows: Charlie Fieldgate on the right who it says is the Skipper, a name which appears to be 'Evans', Wireless Op Sheppard, Chief Engineer Johnson, and Mate Fred Holden.

There is a note on the photo which says it might have been taken in 1936  but it also says 'Trips to Dunkirk' so I'm wondering if the Tug and the crew were involved in the evacuation of Dunkirk.

Can anyone else add anything to my comments and the photo?

Yes, Foremost 22 was one of the ‘Little Ships’ that went to Dunkirk. More details here:   Fred Holden would soon take over as Master of 'Foremost 22' and then 'Meeching' until his retirement in the early 1960s. Andy-Editor

Also Fred Holden is second in on the right.  John - Editor

This page was added by Paul Blackman on 19/05/2024.
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Fred Holden could really handle her. I watched him many times in the harbour towing the oil barge over to the mail boats. winds and tides were no problem to him. he got it right every time. Bearing in mind she was a large single screw Tug he could turn her almost within her own length and put her alongside her berth without a bump.

By William Still
On 26/05/2024

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