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By Andy Gilbert

Photo:The Marine Shops seen in 2009

The Marine Shops seen in 2009

Andy Gilbert

With the work on the new Technical College gradually nearing completion and the old sight of the Marine Shops lost forever, I was browsing the web for some images and came across this site, with lots of photos. I'd guess that the access to the Marine Shops was unauthorised and while I can't condone such actions, the four resulting photo threads nevertheless provide some fascinating views. I can't simply post the photos here without permission of course, so here are the links that will take you to them.

Photo thread 1

Photo thread 2

Photo thread 3

Photo thread 4

This page was added by Andy Gilbert on 08/09/2015.
Comments about this page

What a fascinating collection of photos, a real historical treasure trove.  Many thanks Andy for putting them on site and providing the links for access.  I didn't want to come to the last of them!



By Derek Longly
On 10/09/2015

Nice photos yes, however these gentlemen who choose to enter premises such as these are prone to cause damage in order to gain entry, and put themselves in danger by so doing. At another similar (and dangerous) site within the Newhaven area entry to the site was sealed with a solid steel gate but on at least three occasions, this gate has been CUT OPEN with a disk cutter or similar in order for persons such as these to gain entry to a dangerous environment. OK if they wish to put themselves in danger that is their affair but on each occasion after the intruders had left, no attempt was made to make the site secure again and inquisitive children could easily have entered when in fact the site was sealed with a steel gate for a very good reason.

On 10/09/2015

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