RAF boat 69

By Catherine Jones

My dad never spoke very much about his time in the asr. Unfortunately he had shell shock what we now call PTSD . It marred his life forever. 

I could never get him to tell me what happened he used to get upset . A few stories he did tell me , were of a time when he got abandoned in Algiers and spent the night asleep under his jeep with a knife in his hand , in order to defend himself if need be . There were stories of him speeding with the boat through mines and being shot at ,he said they had to weave in and out of the bullets. I would really like to know what happened . He did tell me if an incident where they rescued a high ranking nazi officer and a German lad . The bazi clicking Ng his heels hailing Hitler , the German lad crying . The crew took the Nazi to the engine  room which apparently was uncomfortable and usually made people very sea sick . The lad they gave him blankets and warm drinks with food to try and reassure him . He did tell snippets of times where it wasn't bodies they rescued but bits and parts of bodies , this is when he started to get very upset. I'm very proud of my dad and would love be to know if anyone knew of him or has any further photos of him or his team . 



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