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By Glenn Sheppard


I am in the process of writing a book on the Newhaven Boys School's success in the East Sussex Schools Football League between the two World Wars, and would like to ask you for some help please.

This photo is from a 1939 newspaper, it is not suitable to include in a book. Would someone have a copy of the original that I could use in the book, in fact if anyone has any team photos between 1919 and 1939, or any written information, would you be kind enough to contact me. It just maybe something that I haven't been able to find.

 Thank you in anticipation.

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Glenn (Sheppard)


If you wish to pass on any information for Glenn please let us know and we can pass on Glenn's contact email address.

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This page was added by Glenn Sheppard on 25/04/2019.
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I'm not getting much luck with the team photos that I need for my book on the Boys School. Here is the story about another school team photo that should be out there somewhere.

In 1931 the Boys School was presented with at least 15 souvenir photographs of the winning school team. One for each member of the team, one to be hung in the school hallway, one for the sports master and one for the headmaster. Here is the names of some of the boys in the team:-  D. Scrase, R. Howard, W. Feist, A. Adam, F. Holman, J. Brown, H. Kennedy, A. Saunders, H. Cornford, F. Richardson, P. Sanders and A. Aitken.

Please, If you are related to any of the boys, please see if this 1931 photo in your albums. Thank you.


By Glenn Sheppard
On 13/06/2019

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