Prefects Christmas Party - 1956

By John Hills

The Prefects party was held in one of the three concrete building which stood behind the main building, probably the top one near the girls playground. If I remember correctly one was for woodwork and I think the middle one was used for art and pottery classes at this time. 

I wonder if you could help fill in the blank spaces or even correct our mistakes and put some names to the faces, looks like they were all having a good time, sucking there lollies!

These are some of the names we have been given:-

Back row:- Left to right

? , Ann Browne, ? , David Hedges, Eric Seymour, John Hills, Michael Funnell.

Front row:- Left to right.

? , Joyce Nicholson, Maurice Dunstall ( looking over her shoulder), Frances Giles, ? , Myrtle Woolven, Kay Page (slightly behind her), Margaret Starley, Stepenie (peering over) Les Templeman (shoulder), Adele Shires, Norma Sargent, Malcolm Jones, ?, ?, ?,

Photo:House prefects christmas party - 1956

House prefects christmas party - 1956

Courtesy of Adele Summers

This page was added by John Hills on 10/01/2012.
Comments about this page

Wow. Great to see those faces from the past. I know a good many of them. Nice to see Les Templeman again. I worked with him on the footplate for a while at Newhaven.

By William Still
On 13/01/2012

Thanks Adele for saving this photo. Brings back so many memories of my earlier life. So many familier faces to see again after all these years. I moved to Australia in 1970, so once again Adele thank you.

By Malcolm Jones
On 18/11/2016

Hello Malcolm, Pleased you have found this website. I sent in another photo of you which is on the Newhaven Sea Cadet section, 'collecting your award' which you may have seen. Best wishes, Adele x

By Adele Summers (nee Shires)
On 04/10/2021

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