Prize giving 1965

By Rod Baker

Should have uploaded this photo years ago. Apologies to all.

Can identify a few present, I hope!

From the left, I think the girl who I am sharing the cup with, is Elizabeth but can't remember her surname. The next girl is Jean Standen, on the left of the older man (don't think he was a teacher, maybe a governor unless he was a new head appointed after we all left in the summer) is Gerald Edwards, the girl in front of him I think is Linda Capon, next to her in the light top is Evelyn Wild, behind her is Peter Stevens and I can't recall the names of the others.

Can you help and put some names to the faces?  John -  Editor

Having spoken to my sister Elizabeth and to Rod, I've taken the liberty of adding photos of both of their certificates and the book that my sister received as a prize. Liz also confirms the names of Linda, Jean and Evelyn that Rod mentioned. Andy - Editor

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'NEWHAVEN COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL' page
Photo:Rod's Dean's Prize Certificate

Rod's Dean's Prize Certificate

Rod Baker

Photo:Liz Gilbert's Dean's Prize Certificate

Liz Gilbert's Dean's Prize Certificate

Andy Gilbert

Photo:Liz Gilbert's Dean's Prize Award. She's kept it all these years!

Liz Gilbert's Dean's Prize Award. She's kept it all these years!

Andy Gilbert

This page was added by Rod Baker on 07/06/2019.
Comments about this page

I think you may be right, that looks like my older sister Elizabeth. And the girl in the centre definitely looks like one of her friends, Linda Capon.

Elizabeth remembers winning the Dean's Award, and also some prizes for sailing and athletics. Do you remember what the cup was for?

By Andy Gilbert
On 08/06/2019

We now know that it was definitely my sister Elizabeth, usually known as Liz, who shared the Dean's Award with Rod that year.

By Andy Gilbert
On 12/06/2019

Furthest right holding the cup, an old friend I haven’t heard of in a long time, Carol Crouch.

By Val Lidster (Vinall)
On 26/06/2019

An interesting photograph Rod.  I think that I can add the names of two more people who were classmates of mine.  The girl standing to the right of Carol Crouch is, I believe, Jacqueline Charles.  The chap standing behind and to the left of the girl identified as Jean Standen is, I think, Peter Townsend.

By Charles Wrench
On 09/11/2020

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