Player change

By Brian Urry

Another photo of the Newhaven Football Team, different players than the other pictures.  I do hope that somebody out there will be able to name them.  I know that the chap, bottom left, came from the Peacehaven team.

Can anyone suggest the year of this team photo?  --  Editors

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This page was added by Brian Urry on 01/06/2008.
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The chap 1st left on the back row is Bill Parris who went on to play for Peacehaven FC.

By Alan Cooper
On 02/06/2008

Front Middle Peter Lewry to his left Brian Patten

By Graham Stevens
On 23/11/2008

Think I can fill in some faces. Back Row from right: Could be John Allery, Henry Wood, Don Denyer (maybe) Don't know Goalkeeper, Max Oliver. Can't remember anymore.

By Paul Blackman
On 04/12/2008

Goalie is 'Jumbo' Slater. Front row left is Tony Bashford and front row right is Gerald Malley.

By John-Editor
On 04/12/2008

Back Row: John Burgess, Bill Parris, Max Oliver, Jumbo Slater, Terry Denyer, Henry Wood (Harry), John Allery

Front Row: Tony Bashford, Nipper Lower, Pete Lewry, Brian Patten, Gerry Malley

I estimate this is 1953-54 season, "UP THE DOCKERS!!!"

By Henry Wood
On 20/09/2009


Second from the left, front row is my late father in law, Arthur Tardivel. He was teaching in Newhaven 1952 or so to 1956 and also played for Newhaven.

Thank you Jill, I did not think it was Nipper Lower. Your late Father in law was a good footballer.

John -- Editor 

By Jill Tardivel
On 30/03/2019

Iif this photo is around 53/54 then it may be a bit early for the likes of the legendary Bill Ince, Mervyn Allen and Dave Wells, not to mention Nipper. I remember Brian played some of his later years at Seaford with Gerry Malley. In the same team was Freddie Cottis, a very stylish wing half who was selected for Sussex a few times and it was good to see him still around in a later Newhaven team photo as one of the coaching staff apparently. With this group at the heart of that Seaford side they achieved promotion from Div 2 and pulled off some mighty cup shocks including putting it over a strong Worthing side at Woodside Road.

Any of these names or times ring any bells with anyone?

By Tony Rolt
On 11/05/2020

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