Early 1960's

By Carol Walton

Photo:Back Row L-R: Hugh Fraser, Bruce Saunders, Maurice Norman, Ron Windwood, John Davies (Taffy), Peter Nicholas, Leslie Fabery, Gordon Higgs.  Front Row L-R: Sue Butlin, Nina Grove, ?, Mary Pett, Sheila Hemingway, ?, Elizabeth Wheeler.

Back Row L-R: Hugh Fraser, Bruce Saunders, Maurice Norman, Ron Windwood, John Davies (Taffy), Peter Nicholas, Leslie Fabery, Gordon Higgs. Front Row L-R: Sue Butlin, Nina Grove, ?, Mary Pett, Sheila Hemingway, ?, Elizabeth Wheeler.

Photograph from private collection of Linda Blunden

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Wonderful photo that brings back so many memories. Think it was taken on the grass at the back of the building behind the Staff Room. I remember all these Teachers as I was at the School between 1959 and 1964. Some of names still bring fear into me, especially Mrs. Hemingway who I never did see smile (is that a smile in this photo?) 'Jock' Frazer was always a good shot with the blackboard rubber or the chalk although I am pleased to say it never came in my direction. Some who I think are missing (you may know different) are Mr. Furner who was Headmaster, Mr. Smith the Science Teacher, and Mr. Nicholas who taught Metalwork.  Great picture Carol, thanks for posting it. Sadly many are no longer with us but some must still be around, I wonder where.

By Paul Blackman
On 20/04/2009

I didn't connect with all of them but what a change in education was taking place. Such a mix of the old and new. Mr. Smith (Smiffy) was my mentor and I stayed after school learning my trade. He was an exceptional teacher and a really nice man. Because our family was short of money (like most), he even found me a job with a local builder and I even dug a soakaway for my trouble whilst 'studying' for GCE.

By Nigel Willis
On 24/04/2009

I have to agree with Paul! This is a great photo which brings back countless memories. Thanks very much for posting!

By Colin Norton
On 24/04/2009

Who else went rock climing with "Taff" or played hockey with Sue Butlin (who as Mrs Cardigan later taught my two lads )

Having recently spoken with the lady, her married name is Mrs Carnochan. - Andy, Editor. 5/6/12

By Ian Bishop
On 30/04/2009

Hi. Like everyone else who has commented, I remember most of those teachers. My favourite was Mr Fabery, he instilled me with a love of the English language and literature.

By Jan Chapman
On 12/05/2009

Gosh.....they all look so YOUNG! and Peter (Benjamin) Britton appears to be missing. I remember Mrs Hemmingway using the "thick skull" method of teaching, she used to yell in the lessons. Mr Pearson and Sid Ray are missing, though I feel this does not necessarily detract from the picture as they were both math teachers, my worst subject!

By Rodney Baker
On 06/06/2009

We held a school reunion in 2000 which was attended by Mr Higgs, Mr Davis, Mr Harris and Miss Cavadini. But then 9 years is a long time, so I don't know if they are all still around - I hope so!

By Carol Walton
On 06/06/2009

I remember all but one of these teachers although I must admit one of my favourites was Nick Clark. He started the young citizens group of which I was one. Along with Miss Pett we had some good times, one time in particular when we all went to a youth hostel in Donnington, I think. What good old times they were, the kids today miss out.

Colin Pryer

By Colin Pryer
On 28/06/2009

Mr Davies has retired to Wales the place where they did Welsh Camp

By Toni Holman
On 21/12/2009

Miss Grove was always my favourite, she was a lovely lady. I met her in Peacehaven in the early/mid nineties. She still remembered me and we chatted at some length about the school and teachers. Then she matter of factly said she was dying of cancer and wouldn't last the year, I was dumbstruck and felt how unfair it seemed.

By ron herriott
On 27/12/2009

The best days of our lives what great memories. I had the pleasure of attending the reunion back in 2000, it was great seeing so many old friends. Perhaps another one would be a good idea before we all get too old !

By Kathleen Goff (Ingram)
On 01/01/2010

I remember Taffy Davies when he first came to the school he taught me how to canoe over on the Cuckmere river along with others. He was also my athletics coach when I was a budding discus thrower. Shirley Clear

By Anonymous
On 31/03/2010

I was lucky enough to be taught by Bruce Saunders (Maths & Sports). I met him in Seaford a few months ago and had a nice chat. He remembered me straight away, which is amazing as I left school over 50 years ago. He said he missed Newhaven a lot. By Trevor Townsend on 02/05/2010.

By Trevor Townsend
On 03/05/2010

Interesting to see the photo of teachers at Tideway. In finished there in 1966 and Hugh "Jock" Fraser was our form teacher. Other class or year members included Alan Bonfield, Keith Blacktin, Peter Woolford, Paul Sullivan, Linda Robinson (my first cousin) Sigrid Higgs, Vivien Cavie, Vivien Walker, Janet Underwood, Carol Lee?, Tony Mills, Peter Ashdown, Brian Renville, Michael Shaw (he moved to Portsmouth), Jennifer Metcalfe, Michael Ost, Brian Henderson, Richard Pett, David Franklyn, Hamer Lawton, Gregory Wood, Janice Templeman, Linda Ashley, Barbara Bentley, and a number of others. I went on a number of school camps with Taff Davis and Alan Denyer. I also served as a Lab technician to the chemistry teacher Mr Smith. Interesting times. 

By David Robinson
On 18/06/2010

P.S Few more names come to mind- Martin Nunn, Gavin Graves, Leonard Lipscombe, ? Stubbs, Colin Pryer, Malcolm Jupp, Catherine Bates, Anita Brandon, Betty Underwood, Hazel Templemen, Stephen Walsh(er)? 

By David Robinson
On 18/06/2010

I was a teacher briefly in 1969 with Nick Clark in the Young Citizens. I also taught Economics and Art. The Young Citizens were a great experiment and Nick was great to work with. I'm now back in Aussie .

By Pete Whetton
On 19/06/2010

More names have come to mind such as Francis Pearman, Michael Troke, Richard Lambert?, Vivien Wickins and Graham Tester. Ian Bishop (who I think has commented on the site) was also in that same year group I think. In my earlier comment it should read Gavin Groves. 

By David Robinson
On 19/06/2010

Mr Saunders and Mrs Hemmingway taught me in the early 1980s. Both retired in 1984. Mr Davies was still there, running Welsh Camp with his three sons and overseeing the Duke of Edinburgh Awards. He also had charge of a small unit in the bowels of B Block. Miss Butlin was temporarily Head of A Block, before fulfilling the same role in B Block. Miss Pett had the misfortune to teach us drama.

By Nicky Easton
On 29/06/2010

I went with a group to a England/ France rugby match in Paris chaperoned by Taffy Davis & Duncan Sandford. Myself, Steve Rigby & Nigel Porter carried "drunken Duncan" off the ferry & on to the waiting train to Paris. There was another teacher there too I think. His name was Digger Booth. Perhaps he was a youth club leader. All great folk.

By Simon Spiers
On 18/12/2010

Anyone remember Max Wall (comedian who really was highly respected and reported by Michael Parkinson to be a "National Treasure")? He rocked up to award "something", I know not what. I do recall however that the committee at the time had worked their socks off to raise funds for the school. We had a raffle, tombola and cake stall in the foyer and were really working all out to raise those funds for the school only to be derided by the aforementioned [Max Wall] who was so very rude towards those manning the "stalls" and the reception he had received. Any one remember his visit?

By Keith Curl
On 29/01/2011

I left school in1963. Had Miss Cavadini as my commerce form tutor for the last two yrs. Mr Fraser got me English GCE so remember him. Jacky Steward then.

By Jacky Imeson
On 06/08/2011

Strange how it still seems wrong to call the teachers by their first names!! They were all Mr. Clark etc.. I remember Mr Whetton teaching in the young citizens, and he used to let us play our records in class! It was all very sixties then!!

By Maureen Tlumak
On 09/08/2011

You or your family must have lived next door to us in Northdown road Maureen. We lived at number 5, Mr & Mrs Tlumak lived at No 3 and the Swasland family, who had two daughters Sandra & Gillian, lived at No 7. I think the Swasland's moved to Southdown Rd to run a shop. We moved to Denton in 1957 or 1958.

By Terry Howard
On 10/08/2011

Nice to see all these old familiar names! Re Sandra Swasland, I fell in love with her when I was 14. Wonder where she is now?

By Rod (smiley) Baker
On 16/10/2011

Iif I remember correctly the Swasland's lived in No 2 in the block of flats in Southdown Road. Gillian was in my class at school. I think her parents ran the fish & chip shop on the end of the row of shops. There was a newsagent, then a grocer's, an Off License and a chippy. Now all that is left is the newsagent, and a naff bus service to the town for shopping

By Ray Sexton
On 18/10/2011

Wasn't Duncan Sandford the first of the 'cool' teachers who came in at the end of the 60's. Jock Fraser was the only teacher I looked up to...he was a good bloke. It's funny to see Simon Spiers name here as, despite us never being friends, his name came up in a conversation with Nigel Porter a few weeks back. Nigel is in Florida these days.

By Peter Howard
On 11/12/2011

While we are talking about Nigel Porter I reminded him recently that his main claim to Newhaven infamy was that he skived off school to go up to London to see Cream's last gig at The Albert Hall. As far as I am aware he was the only Newhavener who was there. Nice one Podge.

By Peter Howard
On 11/12/2011

I was at the school untill 1961. Does anyone remember Mrs Davis the art teacher? And what about Mrs Scott, she was my form teacher for my last year she had a hard exterior but was always fair with us. I can't believe its 50 years since I left.

By Terry Howard
On 13/12/2011

Yes Terry, I remember Mrs Scott, she used to put the fear of God into me, but I think I was one of the 'naughty girls'! Mr Fabery was my Form Teacher and Miss Cavadini taught me (somehow!) to type and take shorthand along with business studies, which have all been extremely useful throughout my life - well, I'm typing this now, aren't I? I left at Easter 1960 - still live in Peacehaven - have now got 6 grandchildren. Like you, I can't believe its 50 years either!

By Jill Dudley (nee Copper)
On 23/12/2011

Hello Jill, do you also remember Mr Pearson, I think it was him who composed a song which we had to sing in assembly called "We are the Newhaveenys"? I can't say we were overjoyed at having to sing it. I do not remember what he used to teach but he did accompany us on the piano, so perhaps it was was music. We should have a reunion I wonder how many of us are local enough, although I would be hard pushed to recall half a dozen names from my class.

By Terry Howard
On 30/12/2011

I left school in 1961, Mr Ray was my form teacher. I remember Mrs Scott very well, I couldn't spell NECESSARY so she spelt it with a ruler over my knuckles I've remember it to this day, but I have to say I still liked her. 

By S.Harrop (nee Shirley Clear)
On 03/02/2012

One more name to add, the lady third from the left on the front row is Mrs Appleby, PE teacher.

By Andy Gilbert
On 05/06/2012

A little later than this picture but my form teacher for years 1-3 was Mr Brauner in D31, I believe he was a chess master ("Vot are you doing here !!!") and Mrs Tapp in A7 for years 4-5. I remember Mr Sandford blowing something up in class, Mr Dawes' MG or Triumph being carried through school corridors and parked in an inaccessable internal square and Mr Kellet with his 3 piece tweed suit and laser guided wooden blackboard eraser.

By Rob Patten
On 08/06/2012

Wow, a blast from the past! Great teachers photo, thanks! My brother went rock climbing with Mr. Davis, got a photo somewhere. I especially remember my form teacher Mr. Fabery, Mr. Smith, Mrs. Scott and Miss Cavadini. Hi Rodney (Smiley) Baker, how are you & where are you now? I'm Eddy Hubbard's big sister & live in Devon but Steve still lives locally.

By Brenda Hall
On 12/08/2012

Hello everyone who remembers me! I was very interested to read all your comments.So glad that many of you enjoyed your time at school and hopefully gained from it. I taught History for 37 years! It was very rewarding if somewhat exhausting! Of the staff in the photo,I know that sadly Mr.Fraser, Mr.Saunders and my dear friend Miss Grove are no longer with us but Mr. Davies "Taffy", Mr.Norman, Mrs. Hemingway and myself are still around, as is Mrs. Parkinson (not in photo.) Of the others I am not sure. I hope you have all had a happy life ---- Probably retired and grandparents!! Where did those years go?! "Miss Butlin" now (Mrs. Carnochan)

By Susan Carnochan
On 30/08/2012

Hi Miss Butlin. I remenber you, such an inspirational history teacher. I always looked forward to your lessons, thank you for such good memories. I wish you good health and a happy life.

By Des Fagg
On 31/08/2012

Thanks for the post - brings back memories (some good, some bad) I left in 1962 & have met Taffy a few times since! Have a photo of an IOW trip somewhere, I will post it when I find it !!!!

By Bill Simmons
On 10/12/2012

Oh My God! What a wonderful surprise...... Maybe some of you remember me... I was the French assistant at Tideway in 1968-1969, when Mr Rothwell was the School Head; that year remains one of my favourite memories: I remember the Saturday parties at Taffy Davies's by the cliff... and Peter Britain, Head of the French Dept who taught me all the 4 letter words to improve the knowledge of a French girl and prevent any difficulties with the pupils. I remember the Chemistry teacher, Guy Hamilton, who, to my surprise always wore black shirts... Not to forget teachers at break in the morning, searching for boys and girls in the bushes. I lived in Hillcrest Road and shared a house there with Janet McMillan, who taught German. I really wanted to stay in England then and teach there, but, it was impossible.. 3 years later, I (of course!) became a teacher (English) and in 1992 became a school head in Nantes (Britanny). I retired a year ago. I happened to be in Newhaven 2 weeks ago to catch the night ferry to Dieppe: unfortunately it was dark to see anything. I was just talking about Mr Norman with my partner and trying to find infos about Tideway, I ended on your site. Great! Happy New Year to you all,  Liz

By Elisabeth Desobry
On 04/01/2013

Yes, I remember you from that year. French was a favourite subject, as I had learnt it for over three years at primary school. I got on very well with Peter Britten and I can well imagine him teaching you all those words! I think it was June McMillan, rather than Janet, but it was a long time ago! Good times, as you say.

By Andy Gilbert
On 04/01/2013

I well remember "Battler" Britten who insisted that the subject of English be known as Linguistics. He also drove an MG-A sports car. Nice!

By Ian Bishop
On 10/01/2013

I am sorry to report that Mr Norman (remembered for Maths,Sailing and Hockey) passed away just before Christmas. Those who went to Piddinghoe Pond after school for sailing lessons, will remember him with gratitude.

By MissButlin
On 12/01/2013

My sister used to tell me Mr Britten would confiscate gum in class, saying he needed it to keep his car together! He later became obsessed with the supposed mysteries of the Great Pyramid and eventually left to join the New Age movement, changed his name to Peter Lemesurier ('The Measurer'), and wrote books about it. Later moved on to the subject of Nostradamus!

By Steve Robinson
On 12/01/2013

In my time at Tideway, Mr Britten drove a Jaguar, a Mk II, I think. He also had a 25' trimaran called Pythagoras and would regularly take groups of lads on sailing trips in the school holidays. I went on one, sailing around the Isle of Wight. Hard work, but good fun. There were many lunchtime clubs at Tideway (membership being a good way of getting those 'priority cards' that got you straight to the front of the dinner queue in the canteen!). Mr Britten ran a languages club up in the language lab and later, due to the Great Pyramid influence, started one called 'Light'.

By Andy Gilbert
On 12/01/2013

the comment about sailing lessons at Piddinghoe Pond stirred a memory. I would invariably walk along the river path to sail at the Pond but on one occasion i got a lift from a teacher in his 3 wheeled car, where you sat behind the driver like in an aircraft cockpit. I cant remember who the teacher was though, was it Mr Britten ?

By Rob Patten
On 13/01/2013

I left Newhaven Secondary School, now Tideways, in 1964 and remember some of the faces/names in the photograph. I especially remember Mr. Saunders, Mrs. Wheeler and Mr. Fabery. Mr. Saunders and Mrs. Wheeler scared me to death. One day in Mr. Saunders' class he was surrounded by students and, being of short stature, I couldn't get his attention so tapped him on the shoulder. Oh boy. He whacked the back of my legs with his ruler really hard - I kept very quiet after that incident. Same for Mrs. Wheeler who taught needlework. Some people have the knack, and some just don't! I didn't and life was not pleasant with Mrs. W, if you couldn't sew a seam. Mr. Fabery was my absolute favourite teacher; such an interesting and kind man. He got me involved in public speaking competitions, mostly because I had such a loud voice! Such memories. I now live in Canada and have not kept in touch with any old classmates from school, so thank you all for your comments. Lots of memories.

By Susan Edwards (nee Susan "Squiggs" Ridley
On 15/01/2013

So many memories triggered by this photo & all the comments. Interesting to see what happened to Mr Britten! I wonder if he looks at this website? Hello to Sue Butlin, you were a greater influence than you realised, as I studied Social History later - and you triggered such an interest in the Industrial Revolution & Black Country that when I was teaching FE students in Dudley I kept reminding them that they lived in a fascinating area rich in history & got some of them researching womens' work in the Industrial Revolution. Thanks all for the reminder of happy days, Val Lidster (Vinall)

By Val Lidster (Vinall)
On 02/02/2013

I am sad to report that another teacher in the photo has passed away. Sue Carnochan (nee Butlin) has just told me that Sheila Hemingway has died. The funeral is at the Catholic Church in Seaford, on 28th February 2013, at 10 am.

By Andy Gilbert
On 17/02/2013

Message for Susan Ridley. Not sure if you will remember me Susan but I remember you lived in Peacehaven and I think your father may have owned the caravan site, was it called 'Friars' ?

By Paul Blackman
On 19/02/2013

This is a message to Paul Blackman: Hi Paul, of course I remember you. This is so cool to have contact with a person I knew in school. Oh boy, you have a good memory; I did live in Peacehaven and my father did own the Friars Caravan Centre. All a long time ago now. I came on this website quite by chance. I was just googling around and decided to check out Newhaven Secondary School. Had no idea that it had burnt down! Do you keep in touch with anyone else from those days? Thanks so much for getting in touch.

By Susan Edwards (nee Ridley)
On 21/02/2013

Hello everyone, I attended Newhaven Secondary School, which subsequently became Tideway, and left in 1968. I worked in Westminster Bank until 1971 when I moved to work in London. I recognise many of the teachers in the photo (what wonderful memories that brings back, but can it really be so long ago?). I remember in particular Miss Grove, Mr Harris, Mr Pearson, Mrs Hemingway, Mrs Wheeler and Miss Cavadini. Mr Pearson scared the life out of me most of the time, especially when he walked up and down the class in his squeaky shoes, but I am sure it made me better at maths. Miss Cavadini managed to teach me shorthand and typing which has held me in good stead over the years. Even though I don’t live in Sussex, I have fond memories of Newhaven and my life in the surrounding area. Brilliant to read all your comments. Best wishes. Anna

By Anna James (nee Payne)
On 22/02/2013

Hi Again Susan. So good to make contact with you after all these years. I have only kept in touch with a couple from our class. Perhaps you will remember Bill Mullett and Trevor Blacktin. We have kept in contact for over 50 years now and they are both well. Bill still lives in Newhaven and Trev moved to Hertford many years ago but visited me last year in Lewes where I live. I was also contacted through another website a few years ago by Susan Maskell who was living, (and may still be), in New Zealand. I think she was a close friend of yours at school as she used to live just into Peacehaven along the South Coast Road on the right hand side I believe. I am so pleased you remember me. We did have a reunion in 1998 but nothing that I am aware of since. Good to speak to you Susan and keep viewing the website.

By Paul Blackman
On 25/02/2013

Hi Paul, this web page just gets better and better. Those names really are a blast from the past. Bill (Billy) Mullet was big into cross country running, Trevor Blacktin was just good at everything and we all used to go sailing after school on Piddinghoe Pond and Suzanne Maskell was indeed a good friend of mine. Her parents owned Maskell Stores in Peacehaven and we even went to Lewes Tech together. Who would have thought that we'd both end up living so far away, if indeed she still lives in NZ. If I remember rightly wasn't Bill good friends with Bob Cairns? I wonder whatever happened to him. I remember so many people and wonder where they are now. I'm sure none of us have changed over the last 50 years - well, not in our minds anyway! I have so much more to say/ask but I feel guilty taking up space on the webpage. Did you go to the last reunion? If so, did recognize everyone/anyone? I told you I had more questions! Better stop now before the Editors ban my messages. Keep in touch and thanks so much for getting back to me. Susan

By Susan Edwards
On 02/03/2013

A very interesting motley crew of people. Rodney Baker: Johnathan Oxborrow, Gerald Edwards, Michael Pooley, Paul Boncza, Lindsey Hibling and Maureen (?) were all there. Now Dr Alan Fabery was a genius and a scholarly Teacher who translated Chaucer's Canterbury Tales in to modern English. If you buy the current listed version it is worth €140,000-00. It is 47 years since most of the Photographs were taken: how many are still alive?

By Peter Stephens
On 23/07/2013

Yes we remember Alan Fabery and his bald head (too much Brylcream when he was younger ! ). He was our Form Master for two years and we did appreciate his intellectual knowledge of English as she is spaken in Inverness. He had the charisma of just walking in to the Class Room and everyone stood up to acknowledge him. With regards to the English Speaking Union to which he invited us all to attend, I remember attending an ESU (English Speaking Union) discourse in Brighton with the lovely Ladies from Roedean School (which of course is not far from where we lived in Saltdean). I seem to recollect Gerald Edwards and Lindsey Hibling going there as also others like Max Bacon and Johnathan Oxborrow (of the Oxborrow and Richards Builders,) The Chemistry Teacher Mr Smith was also there and when we moved in to the New School after it was built we were kindly asked to apply a lacquer paint to the wooden benches. Chemistry lessons were brilliant then. And then J L Furner the Headmaster was also around. I have only seen one mention of his name. The Geography Teacher T G Higgs was also there. On one notorious summer occasion the spelling of his name was incorrect and as he was to open the School Sports Day imagine the publicity when a certain T C Hicks was announced to be opening this! (T C Hicks was the original name of Tommy Steele! Perhaps no one knows this detail !).

By Peter Stephens
On 26/07/2013

Miss Butlin took a group of girls Youth Hosteling ? 1964 we went to Surrey, brilliant. With Jan Berek, I am still walking, we have just walked 80 miles of the Jurassic coast path, Dorset. Thanks for getting us started.

By Elaine Gillard (Winton)
On 26/07/2013

Wow this brings back so many memories of all the teachers I remember very well especially Sue Butlin (history and sailing) and Mr Higgs Geography and debating club. I haven't lived in Newhaven for 48 years but my family are still around the area. Andrew Gilberts sister Liz mentioned this site to me in our annual xmas letter enclosing photos taken on Seaford beach near the sailing club.

By Sue Mckenzie
On 13/12/2013

Just thought that I would add that I spoke with Miss Cavadini last week in Seaford and she seemed fit and well.

By Ron Herriott
On 30/01/2014

I have today come across this website. Spent most of the evening reading about all these people I was at school with between 1959 and 1964. I went to the reunion in 1998 and met up with so many people I was at school with. I have kept in contact with Vivienne Evans and Janet Peerless over the years. I went to the reunion with Vivienne and Val Marshall, and met up with them later. Unfortunately Val has since died. I doubt that anyone will remember me, but if you do please feel free to reply. I do like hearing from people I used to know.

By Sue Lawrence, nee Thorogood
On 13/03/2014

Sue Carnochan (Miss Butlin) has just called to let me know the sad news that Gordon Higgs has passed away, following a heart attack.

Sue tells me that he was already part of the furniture at the school when she started teaching there in 1962. He taught my sister during her years at the school and was still there, teaching me years later.


By Andy Gilbert
On 22/05/2014

Another legend! I remember 'skiving' school and cockily walking through the High Street to come face to face with Gordon Higgs!  I was hauled up the next day and severely reprimanded! I'd like to say I learned my lesson...but probably not!

By Helen Wagstaff
On 26/05/2014

Sad to hear about Mr Higgs. Both he and Mr Smith (Smiffy) were my favorite teachers. I remember Mr Higgs putting me in a Public speaking team but on the day of the competition I hid in the toilet block, but he found me.

By Ernie Robinson
On 29/05/2014

I know that he is not in the photo at the beginning of this 'thread' but someone mentions Mr. Denyer the science teacher who likely 'took over' from Mr. Smith. Last week I was in Eastbourne and noticed a man sitting a few feet away who looked exactly like Mr. Denyer. Now bear in mind I left school in 1964 but being quite certain I decided to approach him and ask the question. Sure enough it was Mr Denyer.....what is more worrying is that he came back with the reply 'yes it's me....aren't you Paul Blackman !! Guess there are a number of reasons why a teacher should remember a pupil but hope mine are for positive reasons. However he is very well and still living in Newhaven. He mentioned that he has often seen Bill Mullett because of Bill's business in the town before Bill retired and he remembers many others that were in the same class as me....for example Mike Smith, Trevor Blacktin, Jim Dudley, David Gould, Peter Bendell and loads more. Had a good chat with him and he looks well. Just thought it might be of interest.    

By Paul Blackman
On 09/08/2014

What a blast from the past.   So great to read all those names, some bring back happy memories, some terrifying.   I left NCS in 1965 and now live in France.    Unbelievably Alan Denyer came to France to stay with an English neighbour a few years ago and was instantly recognisable.     He remembered me too. What a small world.  Mr Britton tried to teach me French and failed miserably, I hated the language.  Now I find it such a descriptive and easy language.    

By Sue Dumelow nee Bartlett
On 20/10/2014

Regarding the comment about Max Wall visiting the school, I played in a band at the time and we were asked to play at the fund raising event.  We managed to get Max up on the stage to do his famous walk.

By Terry Walton
On 20/10/2014

Message from Pauline Curl Née Wheeler, Peter (Benjamin) Britton introduced us to  Victor Borge ( look on utube). Not nececesarily everyone's cup of tea but I  will never forget Peter or Victor. Maybe that's where Les Dawson developed his piano playing from!!!

By Keith Curl
On 29/04/2015

I've just heard from Sue Carnochan (Miss Butlin) that sadly Miss Cavadini passed away on Monday 3rd August 2015 at the age of 93. Although she is not in the above photo, I'm sure many of the pupils that she taught would like to know.

The funeral was at St Thomas More Catholic Church in Seaford on Thursday  20th August and was attended by several of her colleagues including Beryl Parkinson, Bryan Adams and Peter White.

By Andy Gilbert
On 31/08/2015

Very sorry to read the sad news about Miss Cavadini. A lovely lady who gave me, and many others, the solid foundation needed for an office career.

By susan lower
On 08/09/2015

Hello Mrs Carnochan nee Miss Butlin. I hope you remember me, Natasha MacMillan. They called me the teachers pet. You was my favorite teacher and of all the teachers I had, you, I will never forget. You made history fun and interesting even though at times you probably thought I wasn't listening. But I was listening. At break time I'd stay behind at your desk whilst all the others couldn't get away quick enough. I left school 1988 which was a sad day for me as I loved school. The best years of my life. I hope you are well? Much love Tasha xxx

By Natasha MacMillan
On 21/09/2015

My Dad (Ron Windwood) is fourth from the left in the back row on this photo. He is still going strong at 83 years of age!

By John Windwood
On 16/06/2016

I'm sorry to have to say that I've just heard from Sue Carnochan (Miss Butlin) that Peter Britten passed away a few months ago.

Head of Modern Languages during my years at Tideway, he taught me French and German, and also introduced me to French Romantic organ music - Widor, Vierne etc. He was apparently an accomplished musician, but I don't think any of us ever heard him play at Tideway.


By Andy Gilbert
On 15/07/2016

I was Jacky Steward, lived in Fort Road, left School in 1963. Attended the reunion with Derek Smith. Lived at Piddinghoe some of the time.

By Jacky Imeson
On 10/06/2017

I'm Paul Cross and attended Tideway from 1964 to 1968. I remember nearly all these teachers. Miss Butlin used to wrap my knuckles with a ruler and Mr Norman - we called him Ned used to belt me round the head with the back of his hand, although he took his watch off first ! Didn't do me any harm - used to muck up a lot. Met Robert ( Bob) Ashby there - we became the closest of mates - still are ( now 2017). We live in Australia now, Robert in Melbourne and I with my wife Gaynor ( née Faulkner), who also went to Tideway live in rural Victoria, 4 hours from Melbourne. 

Had some good times and bad times at this school - but lots of laughs.

I lived in Peacehaven and my parents owned the Castle Stores - next to the Castle Hotel on South Coast Road.

cheers Paul Cross

By Paul Cross
On 25/07/2017

Hello everyone. It's been a long time since I visited the site. So sorry to read that so many of the teachers who I knew are no longer around. Miss Cavedini was very patient with me as I can only use my right hand and one finger of my left to type.

By Jan Chapman
On 09/08/2017

Paul Cross and Bob Ashby there are 2 infamous names from the past; I remember you two were very much inseparable, my goodness we had some laughs!! I would have thought the only way you two wold have got into Australia was by bringing back transportation! Great to hear from you I'm glad you are enjoying a good life.

By Dave King
On 21/11/2017

Sue Carnochan has recently phoned with the sad news that former NCSS and Tideway teacher Dennis Sharman has passed away, after a short illness. His funeral in Eastbourne a week or so ago was attended by some of his former colleagues, including Sue Carnochan, Beryl Parkinson, Bryan Adams and Roy Bellingham.

I remember him as my woodwork teacher in Years 1 through 3. I don’t think I can ever remember seeing him in a bad mood, he always seemed to be cheerful with a smile on his face, and that cheerful nature came across in his teaching. If you messed up what you were doing, he was always on hand to put you right in a kindly way.

Sue tells me that he did his National Service in the Grenadier Guards and as well as being on the front line during the Suez crisis, he also took part in the Guards’ more ceremonial duties, including those at Buckingham Palace!

By Andy Gilbert
On 01/02/2018

Sue Carnochan has phoned to tell me of the passing of two more Tideway teachers.

Rita Wright passed away yesterday (23/4/18) at the age of 92. She was Head of Modern Languages and Sue thinks that she came to Tideway in 1979 and took over from Peter Britten.

And Dr Ingo Brauner has also passed away. He taught German at Tideway for a while.

Does anyone have any memories of these two teachers and being taught by them?

By Andy Gilbert
On 26/04/2018

I attended Tideway from the 4th yr to the sixth form between 1979 and 1982. Lots of memories of teachers and pupils. I saw the change from Mr Rothwell to Mr Saxby. Teachers included Miss Sinclair (English teacher but definitely Scottish), Miss Smith (maths) Peter White (history and now a good friend), Barrie Martin (Eng Lang), Robin Gibbon (eng lit) Martin Timmins (sociology), Mrs Ost (chemistry), Mr Marsh (physics), Duncan Sandford (geog), Mr Warren and Frank Storer (tutors), Andrew Munday (krypton factor !). 

By Gail Brodie
On 29/04/2018

Just stumbled upon the website, so many people I know, lovely picture of some of the teachers. Anyone remember Mr Clarke who decided to teach boxing to the more physical pupils, no names mentioned.

I left school in 1964 and took and engineering apprenticeship after being taught metalwork by Mr Nicholas.

I remember so many of my class mates and particularly Smiffy our form teacher who used to walk in the morning and shout (nasally) "Mills your names on the list get up in the Science Lab" I never found out what list but I missed loads of assemblies.

By Ronnie Mills
On 09/10/2018

In the 1970 - 1974 I taught “Craft ,Design and Technology” at Tideway School. I have just found these pages and it is wonderful to see the photographs and read the comments from both past students and teachers as it brings back so many memories. After teaching there for four years I emigrated to Australia where I took up a similar post in Bundaberg, Queensland. I remember having the opportunity to teach in a very well equiped workshop with eager students keen to learn. One of the projects undertaken was the design and making of a commuter car to standards set down by BP who ran the schools competition. Graham Payne and David Fisher were the main students taking on the task ( I now wonder what ever happened to these two) but unfortunately I had left the school before the final test and inspection. “Taff” Davies helped with the final presentation. I have been back to Newhaven many times since then staying with friends who live in town. I am now here ( 18th July 2019) and have just found out the passing of my old friend and colleague Dennis Sharman. I did catch up with him in 2016 and will always remember him for all his special qualities that made him such a good teacher and mentor. I have now been retired for the past 19 years but still enjoy life riding motorcycles and model engineering.

By George Punter
On 19/07/2019

The two boys where David Payne and Graham Fisher I just remembered the names and saw I had them in the wrong order. I do also remember Sue Butlin so best wishes to you Sue.

George Punter.

By George Punter
On 21/07/2019

I loved the photo of the teachers! I left in 1971. Two years after I started Newhaven Secondary, it changed to Newhaven Tideway - a 'comprehensive' school. This meant that pupils who would previously have gone to Lewes Grammar school, were now coming to this school along with those who would never have made it to grammar. When I joined, there were 6 sets in every year. But when it became a comprehensive, there were 8 sets! The top two sets were supposed to be those who would have gone to grammar. This meant it was a much bigger school, and the building next door, which had been the old junior school, was incorporated. The headmaster was also upgraded! Mr Turner was replaced by Mr Rothwell, who did his best to turn the school around and exert some much needed discipline - something which had been woefully lacking previously. Sadly, some of the original teachers - Mrs Neville, Mr Davies, Mrs Cummings, were allowed to remain and undermine this effort. Mr Rothwell introduced new rules which became effective on what became known as 'black Friday'! Does anyone else remember these changes?

By Dawn Hamilton
On 02/11/2019

I just saw these references by Mr Punter to the BP Build a Car project. I was involved in this project inspired and lead by Mr Punter. I will try to post a picture of us with the car. We did go on to take it to the final contest with Taffy and the school minibus, at that time and young age it was quite an experience. For the record it was an Isetta bubble car front end and a Fiat 500 powertrain. I now live in France - the short version of the last 50ish years, Graham Fisher

By Graham Fisher
On 19/03/2020

Sorry to say I left Tideway in 1959, loved it there Joe Funnell was my teacher our family lived on Friars Caravan site and I knew Susan Ridley (daughter of the caravan site owner) and Jackie, lots of happy memories of Newhaven and Peacehaven I worked for Popletts in Peacehaven great page this is well done I think Susan is in Canada now. 

By Bill Skinner
On 10/01/2021

Just seen my name from 2018, had forgotten about this site. So nice to see so many of my old class mates writing and mentioned. Suddenly they came to mind including the girls with whom I was in love {sounds a bit pervy now but it wasn't then). I now live in Ireland and I have shown my wife, Rena, pictures of the school, teachers, pupils and recounted some of my adventures. 

By Ronald Mills
On 27/01/2021

Sad to say that Sue Carnochan has informed me of the passing of another of her former teaching colleagues at the school.

Mr David Rishbeth taught biology and science at the school, and was later Head of D Block and also Examinations Officer for the whole school. He passed away in November after a short illness at the age of 72.

The funeral was held last week and was attended by some of his former colleagues, including Sue Carnochan, Roy Bellingham, Bryan Adams, Mr Shorthouse, and Peter and Pat White.

By Andy Gilbert
On 23/12/2021

Sue Carnochan (Mrs Carnochan or Miss Butlin to most pupils) has just phoned me with the sad news that Mr Brian Adams has passed away, after a long illness.

He was my first form tutor when I started there in 1968, and also my R.E teacher. In later years, he would follow my career as an organist and always come to see me if I played a concert locally.

The funeral is at 11.30 on Friday 7th June, at St Peters Church, Seaford.

By Andy Gilbert
On 31/05/2024

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