Steaming past the old London Paris Hotel.

By Ernie Robinson


From my Grandfathers odds and ends.

Can anyone add more information as there is none on the reverse.

Yes it is the Newhaven Lifeboat Michael Henry a 37 ft self-righter pictured just after it had been fitted with a engine, this boat being the first motorised lifeboat to be permanently stationed at Newhaven.

The RNLI trialled a motorised lifeboat at Newhaven c1905 which was deemed to be so successful it was decided to motorise the Michael Henry which came back on station after it's conversion in 1906.

The boat was originally purchased from a gift from the Jewish Scholars Lifeboat Fund in around 1897 and stationed at Newhaven.

The date of the photograph would be about the time the London Paris Hotel extension was built c1910.

John  --  Editor

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