Ships and Scenes at Dieppe

By Derek Longly

Gleaned from various visits to Dieppe, either to the town or just passing through, hopefully the pictures included with these brief comments will bring back some memories for others, as they do for me, of earlier times when arrival and departure aboard the steamers from and to Newhaven was made at the quayside almost in the town centre.

My earliest recollections of arriving in France dating from 1952 are of the long lines of dark green carriages forming the boat train for Paris, with its huge steam engine panting ready for departure, standing alongside the boat in the street.  A scene which was commonplace through the 1950's and changed little right through into the early 1960's even once the terminal building was erected.

The inner harbour too was fascinating with its cargo vessels, especially the attractive reefers, bringing in cooled or frozen produce. 

The first three pictures, however, hark back to even earlier times from before World War II, whilst the one of Worthing is from the immediate post war period.  The next photos are from the hey day of the classic steamers on the route, together with that typical scene mentioned above showing boat trains on the quayside alongside the Londres in August 1962.

The cargo vessel pictures include the Fort Richlieu of the Compagnie Generale Transatlantique (French Line) probably arriving from the Caribbean with fruit, the Russian reefer Mikhail Lomonosov arriving in the port and a view in the inner harbour of the Marrakech unloading.

Virtually all has now changed so that these photos form something of a historical record of days long gone.




Photo:Cargo vessel SS Brest of 1900 - lost in 1940

Cargo vessel SS Brest of 1900 - lost in 1940

Derek Longly collection - attributed to A.Duncan

Photo:SS Bordeaux

SS Bordeaux

Derek Longly collection - attributed to A.Duncan

Photo:SS Versailles 1921 - scrapped post WWII

SS Versailles 1921 - scrapped post WWII

Derek Longly collection

Photo:SS Worthing

SS Worthing

Derek Longly collection

Photo:SS Brighton & SS Londres

SS Brighton & SS Londres

Derek Longly collection

Photo:SS Lisieux

SS Lisieux

Derek Longly collection - from a magazine cutting

Photo:Dieppe Quayside from SS Londres August 1962

Dieppe Quayside from SS Londres August 1962

Derek Longly

Photo:Reefer Fort Richlieu

Reefer Fort Richlieu

Derek Longly

Photo:Reefer Mikhail Lomonosov

Reefer Mikhail Lomonosov

Derek Longly collection

Photo:Reefer Marrakech

Reefer Marrakech

Derek Longly

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Comments about this page

I found a photograph of PS Steamer Brighton III sunk in Dieppe harbour in The Penny Illustrated Paper, Feb 4, 1893. Unfortunately this is a low resolution picture. Does anyone know of a better one ? It seems very little has been published about this wreckage which happened middle January 1893.

By Philippe Rouyer
On 03/09/2018

There are two photos in the book "The Story of the Cross Channel Service / L'Histoire de la Ligne Transmanche" by Peter Bailey and Claude Feron - ISBN 2-86743-447-5 - which is definitely worth seeking out and buying! Neither are hi-res images - I don't think there was much hi-res photography in 1893! Although I know for sure that Peter Bailey would have allowed me to use the photos here, I don't have permission from Claude Feron or the publishers of the book, so I can't include them here. However, the photos will have originally come from Newhaven Museum's archives so I'll get their permission and create a fresh page.

The story related by Peter in the book is that she hit the pier on a foggy night, 15th June 1893. She was raised and became an excursion steamer in the Bristol Channel, then saw service in World War 1 as a water carrier in the Gallipoli campaign. Subsequently sold to Turkish owners, she lasted until 1927.

By Andy Gilbert
On 03/09/2018

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