Christmas Party

By Doug Brocklesby

The photo shows some of the toolroom staff from Parker Pen at their Christmas party, we think from the early 1960s.

Are you in the photo, or can you put names to faces? Do you remember the venue or the year?

Photo:Parke Pen Toolroom staff

Parke Pen Toolroom staff

Doug Brocklesby

This page was added by Andy Gilbert on 23/10/2017.
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The venue was the Old Ship Hotel, Brighton. My guess is that this would have been 1960. One of the waiters I remember was dismissed instantly for tripping and dropping a tray of food.

By Colin Holden
On 25/10/2017

Standing left to right:: Graham Oatway, Bob Lindfield, Colin Holden, Ray Farley, Brian Gumley, Sid Rainer, Allen Tapp, Bill Smith, Tim Harrison, Brian Troak, Malcom Troak, Doug Brockelsby, Howard Oast.    Sitting left to right::  ?, Jack ?, Bernard Kingswood, Brian Lees, Len Porter, Allen Lower, Bert Hillman, Roy Owen, Dick ?, Chris Creedon, Jim Gisbourne.  Great work mates all unbelievable now that it is nearly 60 years ago, thanks for sharing Doug.

By Colin Holden
On 25/10/2017


Hi Colin and Everyone,

Sitting left to right;  I believe the Jack ? to be Jack Findlay. A great character both in the Toolroom and throughout the whole Company. He became a good friend to me during my period in the Company up to my departure in 1980. My last position was Works Manager which I left to run an electronics company for ITT (another company that no longer exists).

By Mike Brazier
On 12/09/2019

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