Another collection of postcards from 1900,1931 & 1960's.

By John Hills

Picture postcards from bygone days showing how the harbour looked around  1900, 1931  and three others from more recent times in the 1960's.

We have managed a higher resolution scan on the picture postcards lent to us, so hopefully you will be able to see far more detail within the enlarged versions of the postcards.

In picture postcard No 5. the sheerleg's by the Marine Shops are still standing so this dates the scene before 15th August 1965.


 Click any photo icon to go to the enlarged version.

Photo:Harbour c 1900

Harbour c 1900

Picture postcard No 1.

Photo:15th May 1931

15th May 1931

Aerofilms postcard No 2.

Photo:Marina looking east

Marina looking east

Picture postcard No 3.

Photo:Popular harbour scene for a photograph.

Popular harbour scene for a photograph.

Picture postcard No 4.

Photo:Harbour 1960's

Harbour 1960's

Picture postcard No 5.

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