Simmons Family

By Susan Elmslie

Photo:Old Gasworks East Side 1950 (Click picture to enlarge)

Old Gasworks East Side 1950 (Click picture to enlarge)

My paternal grandmother was Alice Simmons of Newhaven, Sussex.  We left England when I was a child but I remember going with my parents to Newhaven to visit the "old aunties", my grandmother's sisters named May and Win Simmons.

Although I was young I still vividly remember the beautiful landscapes and the smell (which I loved) and could never identify.  My Mum has suggested that it could have been from the old gasworks, and I'd love to know if anyone else knows what I'm remembering!

Also, it seemed to me that the aunties lived in the country on a large piece of property.  It could have just been a big garden, but to a seven-year old it seemed huge.  Does anyone know where that might have been?

Any information would be much appreciated.  Thank you from Canada.


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